My Husband Had A Vasectomy And Now

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Momof5 - February 18

I am so sad:( I know you all will think I am crazy, but I just can help feeling so sad about it.. I already have 5 beautiful children ages 17, 14, 13 , 10 and 8 months.. I love them all so much and I love being a sahm!! I just can't think of life any other way.. I also feel bad that my older ones all got to grow up together and have another sibling their age to be with and now my little man doesn't have that. When he is 5 and starting school the older ones will all be about in college... So he wont really have a little sibling to grow up with...Is this just a normal feeling when your having baby days are over? I packed all my maternity clothes away today and I couldn't help but feel sorrow.. It is so rewarding to have a big family and I am so grateful for my children... I guess I would have just liked to have one more so my little one could have a playmate too.. I just had to vent.. Thanks..


Nerdy Girl - February 18

I have heard other people feeling like you said, but I honestly was doing a dance of joy when my dh had his vasectomy. :)


Rabbits07 - February 18

I think that is normal...different women are different. We're still not sure we're done. Not planning anything in the immediate future, but I just don't feel done.


olhdw101 - February 18

I feel saddened as well, my husband told me a while back that he definitely does not want anymore kids (we have 2), he hasn’t gotten neutered yet or anything (I think because he thinks I will have a nervous breakdown).....but still, by him not wanting anymore kids and I do......I have no choice but to accept it.


Kara H. - February 18

I have one sister who is 11 yrs older than me and I don't feel that I was deprived or cheated because I didn't have a sibling close to my age. In fact I probably got a lot more one on one time with my parents than most of my friends did and more opportunities than they had. And in your situation, it is quite possible that in three years or so your oldest may be having a little one of their own that would serve as a playmate for your youngest.


sahmof3 - February 18

I know what you mean. I had my tubes tied with my 3rd baby (and 3rd c-section). I felt kind fo sad about it even though I KNEW I was done! My little man's first year went by so fast, too. Now he's 19 months and 2 will be here in like.... 1 minute lol. i think for me it's sad... well, maybe not sad.... bittersweet?, nostalgic?... to be leaving my childbearing years. makes me feel al ittle old! But, I am happy that my family's getting older. It does open up more travel opportunities and makes life a lot easier not having to plan every day and every trip around b___stfeeding ;-)


Momof5 - February 19

I'm glad I am not alone and this must be a totally normal feeling.. Thanks for all your views about how to look at it.. They all made me feel better.. :)



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