My Husband Is Going To Divorce Me

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monica - October 18

j/k about the divorce...Is anyone else afraid of getting pregnant again. Well I am so scared that my husband and I have not had any since before my baby was born.... back in July. And no I dont want to get on the pill.....besides no method is 100%


Chelsey - October 18

I'm not getting on the pill either! Too forgetfull! Husband was going to get a vasectomy, but the other day decided against it... turns out he may want more kids someday after all! I'm afraid of getting pregnant again so soon. We've had s_x, but I always put an end to it before the "grand finale"! I'm allergic to laytex, and hubby wont go buy different condoms, so we really do take a risk everytime we get intimate. Scares me a lot! I'll probably end up getting a divorce too! (j/k)!!!


CEM - October 18

i'm freaked out most of the time! in fact, we've had a couple pregnancy scares already since my last one was born (end of june!!). but we can't keep our hands off each other ;-). you're right about no method being 100%, my baby was conceived while on birth control....


afraid` - October 18

i'm also scared of getting preg again my baby was born 5 months ago. we do use condoms but i'm still afraid and i dont want to go on the pill. lately we havent been intimate anyway we are so tired at the end of the day but i wonder if this is going to have a bad effect on our relationship. when we do have s_x i dont enjoy it and it frustates me that i dont even want to bother with it. any advice?


in your shoes.... - October 18

afraid...i did go back on the pill as i had to due to some problems i have...however i am in the same boat as you...we aren't intimate much anymore and when we are i am not into it either. he wants to but i just seem to have lost baby is 5.5 months. anyone with advice would be wonderful


monica - October 18

sad to say but the last i enjoyed s_x was last year when we trying to concieve.


Jbear - October 19

Maybe I'm just a freak, but for me s_x got a lot better after I had a baby. Maybe my husband and I just got more comfortable with each other because of becoming parents together, or maybe it was because we didn't have to try to get pregnant anymore, so we could do it for fun. And now that I've had a tubal and we don't have to worry about birth control anymore, our s_x life is incredible (well, at least when we can find a time when both kids are asleep and we're actually home together). As far as advice, if your baby sleeps in your room, try putting him down somewhere else so you won't feel like you have to be in mom mode. If you're shy about your body looking different after the baby, buy a nightie that covers what bothers you. If there's something your husband does during s_x that is a turn-off, tell him. Sometimes you have to be creative about how you tell a man something. Like I had to say, "I love it when we take a little time to make sure we both enjoy it," instead of saying, "Nudging me in the leg with Mr. Happy is NOT foreplay."


Emma - October 20

LMAO!! Jbear, it is so funny that your say that because I swear men must think that we like to have Mr Happy rubbed on our legs. mmm..what a turn on! lol



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