My Husband The Ditzy Blond

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Keli - February 16

Yesterday, I had physical therapy, so I didnt get home from work till 6:00 pm. Hubby says, Molly has this little rash thingy on her stomach. So I immediately take her clothes off, and take a look. She had a raised heated rash on her tummy, back, arms and thighs. I FREAKED OUT! I called the dr. It was after hours, so the nurse called me back. She said since if there is no fever, and its not bothering her then to just wait and see if it gets worse. It could be a viral rash of some sort. So I start asking him questions.... ( Molly has eczema so we are carefull about what we put on her skin) He said she woke up with a leaked wet diaper, so he rinsed her in the tub. ( I'm the one who always gives her a bath. She usually only gets one once a week, since bathing dries the skin) He said he put aveeno lotion on her afterwards. I said OK thats fine, but I've swithced to BABY EXCEMA CREAM it works much better. I continued to ask what she ate all day etc. Then I saw a container of by the bed ( we usually just lay her on a towel on the bed to slather the lotion on her) I asked why is the shampoo out here ? He said what shampoo I used that lotion right there I could not believe he slathered shampoo all over my baby! I gave her a bath, and applied the correct lotion and cortaid all over her. It hadn't decreased by bedtime. But when she woke up, it was mostly gone. Thank god! He felt so bad... I know he didnt do it on purpose. But how could he not tell the difference in texture between lotion and soap??????????????????


lexa - February 16

Aw, at least he tried:-) Thats funny. I thought it was only us sleep deprived mommies who lost their minds. Nice to see the hubbies share some of that too. I bet he'll read everything and pay close attention from now on....hehehe. Im glad the rash was almost gone!


flower.momma - February 16

Ohh man, that would be funny if it wasn't sad. Hubby does weird stuff like this too.


piratesmermaid - February 17

Wouldn't the shampoo suds/bubble up or something????


k.p.j.e. - February 17

LOL oh jeez Keli why are husbands so worthless when we really need them to come through?! My husband was watching my son about a month ago, while I got my hair colored. My son Jack was 14 months old and when my hubby was changing him, he put him in a size 3 diaper out of the diaper bag we haven't used in months. He also had him dressed in 6-9 month jammies from the same diaper bag. He was too lazy to go upstairs to get new clothes! I mean come on...he is such a smart man, I'm sure your husband is too, how can they do such stupid things!


3babies - February 17

Too funny! I would like to know why they dress the kids to go out in daycare clothes, and send them to daycare in their good stuff?


Keli - February 17

Well, he is is sleep deprived... he works nights, and watches baby during the day. He works a 10 hour shift, and has tues-wed-thu off. My mom watches the baby most mondays and tuesdays so he can sleep... but she wasnt around this week. He sleeps for a few hours when I get home from work, and sometimes at work he gets a nap. He catches up on his sleep on the weekends when I am home...



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