My Husband The Sports Nut

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KrisD - March 23

My dh got tickets to the Bruins on Saturday night - a hockey game in downtown Boston for those of you not in the US(?!). Anyway, they are great seats, we've had them before, two rows back from the ice. My husband called the rink to see what their policy is on babies... They just said children under 2 are free provided they can sit on your lap. My guy is almost seven months. Are we crazy for considering bringing him to a hockey game? We keep sitting around talking about it, but don't know what to do. Anyone ever bring their baby to a pro sports event?? Or have any opinion??


erin - March 24

if your baby would be able to tolerate loud noises, then i'd say go for it. as long as you think it would be safe in the area you are, could a puck just go flying in your direction or would you be behind gla__s? also, is the crowd in the area really rowdy? you might want to take those things into consideration (which i'm sure you have already).


Gwenna-mom - March 24

You might want to use some kind of ear protection, but other then that I wouldn't see a problem. At least your son won't be bothering anyone there! I just hate those people who bring babies to the movies and then let them cry through the entire thing.


Sarahsmommy - March 24

Is this going to be during you ds bedtime? If so I wouldn't take him I would find a sitter. Actually I'm not sure I would take him anyways, that might be a tough thing for him to do, he may get bored if he doens't really have anywhere to move around or to much to do.


PaigeMeagans mommy - March 24

Kind of hard to say how he will react. He might like all the people moving around fast. That might entertain him. If you do take him, just bring other things to entertain him. Like Sarahsmom said.....if the game is around his bed time and he can be a crabby baby when he is tired, you might want to get a sitter than. But trust me, I am in the same boat as husband is a sports freak. He has wanted to take our daughter to games and I have told him no.


KrisD - March 24

Thanks, guys. It will be bed time just after we leave the rink, hopefully. The game is at 7, bed time is 10. We decided we will just leave if we have to. We don't want to ruin it for those around us. We are crying-wimps, anyway. SO we are going to try it - I will worry about whether he is warm enough, whether it's okay skipping his bath, whether it's really germy, where I will change a diaper, and all that good stuff. But we'll try it. I did think it was a pretty safe spot, we are right behind the gla__s. Also, he doesn't seem to startle easily at all, but then again, he's never seen a pro hocky game. I guess I am lucky, my husband didn't want to take a friend b/c he said it wouldn't be fair to me. So we'll see what happens.


erin - March 24

good luck with the game. let us know how it goes...and yes, you are lucky...your husband is sweet to think of you that way!


Tami - March 26

We brought Kailey to a Utah JAzz basketball game-a NBA team-and she loved it! We had box seats though, so we weren't right in the crowd. She did so good, and even fell asleep in the fourth Quarter. I say go for it!


KrisD - March 27

Hey - just to update you all, we went and he was awesome. And it was LOUD. I was a nervous wreck. When the Bruins came out, they turned out the lights, the crowd was screaming, and all these strobes were going off. I thought, "OK, this is it, he's gonna lose it"... But he was laughing and kicking and actually willing to sit up on my lap for once. He started getting a little bit fussy at the end, but nothing really difficult. Just wanted to "stand" on my lap. Lots of work for Mom, but it was a blast. Only we had to spend 40 bucks on parking so we wouldn't have to walk. I guess having kids IS expensive!



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