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Gavinsmom - January 22

Hello! I am excited to join this forum! I will be having my little boy this Thursday via c-section due to breech presentation. I am 27 and dh is 30...married for 2 1/2 years. This is our first baby...we cannot wait to meet him! We also have 2 fur babies (2 Weimaraners...Felony and Pixie)! They are awesome and I hope they will adjust to their new brother quickly! I was told to have someone bring home a blanket for them to smell that the baby was wrapped in, so that when he comes home, they've already smelled him. So, just wanted to introduce myself a little early and say h__lo, since I know I will be visiting here frequently with questions! :)


sahmof3 - January 22

Hi! Welcome. I guess I know you a little bit from the c-section section ;-) My (real) name's Tammy. I'm 32, dh is 39. We've been married for 8 years and have 3 kids... Nathan, 6 1/2... Leah, 3 (today's her b-day!!)... and Justin (18 months). Best wishes on your c-section... all three of mine were c-section babies!


EricaG - January 22

Hello :o) Welcome to the infant care forum. My name is Erica, I'm 19... ok, I'll be 20 in 20 days. My husband is 22 and we've been married for 1.5 years. We have one baby, Abby, who is 6 months old. Good luck with your c-section! :o)


SonyaM - January 22

Welcome!!! I'm Sonya, 33 married to my dh (30) for almost 8 years. I have tow boys: Mitchell 4 and 1/2 and Mason almost 16 months. I had c-sections with both kids so if you have any questions let me know.


ry - January 22

Hi! Welcome! My name is Ryan, I am 27 and I have a nine month, Isabella. I had a c section because she was breech as well. Make sure you rest up now!!! Best of luck to you and your baby!


shelly - January 22

hi gavinsmom,this is a great forum,all the mums are friendly and have loads of advice and tips,my names shelly ,i have 2 boys archie 10 and frankie 6 months,good luck for thursday,ull be fine and soon be holding your new baby.


Rabbits07 - January 22

Hey, my name is Rhonda, 32, dh is 43 and we've been married for almost 15 years. We've got 2 girls and 4 boys, ages 15, 14, 12, 8, 4 and 9 months. Welcome to the board!


^lucy^ - January 22

hi gavinsmom, im 23 years old and dh is 27, we've been married for 1.5 years now.. we have 1 baby girl who is 8 months old her name is Taleen. Best of luck in ur c-sec,, ur meeting ur little boy in few days, YAY!!


srigles - January 22

Hi! Welcome! My name is Adrienne, I'm 31, my husband is also 31 and we've been married for 3 1/2 years. We just had our first baby on October 30 - a boy named Keegan. He was also born via c-section. Good luck on Thursday! :)


vonzo - January 22

Hey Gavinsmom! Congratulations. bet you can't wait to see your lil fella :o) I'm Von 23 and hubby's 26 we've been married for 6 months now and have a 4 month old baby girl, and i have a 7yr old stepson. Hope everything goes well for you on Thursday! xx


torbman - January 22

Hi there. Nice to meet you. My name is Tamara, 33 (in 9 days), hubby 35, married 10 1/2 years. Three kids. Cierra 11, Kate,8, and Joel 8 months. My first was a c- section. Good luck on the delivery. Don't forget to tell us all about it. :)


SuzieQ - January 22

Hi Gavinsmom! I'm susan - my dh and I got married last February and had a baby girl in October. I'm 28 and he's 29 and we've been together for over 11 years now! I posted on your 'freaking out' post in the csection forum - good luck! (sleep lots and get your house organized now! lol)


BreaunasMommy - January 22

Hi! my name is Amber im 24 dh is 26 we have been married for 8mths and we have a 18mth old little girl named Breauna. Congrats and hope all goes well with the c-sec!


Mingill - January 22

Hi, my name is Mindy. I'm 30 and Dh is 38. We just had our first baby - a little boy, Daniel - back in August. I had a c-section too. We have a furry baby too, a cat and she's adjusted to DS quite nicely. The trick is to remember to give them attention too so they don't get jealous. Good luck with everything.


LisaB - January 22

Welcome! Good luck on Thursday- rest up. I am 32 and dh is 33 we have a ds Kyler who is 14 months and the love of our lifes. Los are amazing they add so much joy to your life happy to have you over here and enjoy starting your adventure!


Erynn21 - January 22

Welcome-I have been on this forum since I found it my 2nd tri, it has been very helpful and nice. I had my dd via c-sec last Sept. So I am the proud mama of 4 month old baby Nora. I am 32 and have been married 10.5 years to my awesome hubby, and we are a happy little family. I also have 2 dogs, and they have been awesome w/ Nora, my german shepard adores her, my other ignores her so we have balance. I hope all goes well for you and we'll be seeing you around here.


EMBERBABY - January 22

Hi Gavinsmom, Im 26, married 4 years and our baby is 4 months.



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