My Little Man Was Circumcised Today

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torbman - July 14

My little man was circ_msized this morning. Anyone ever have problems have having this done? Anything that I should look for or to be concerned about?


AudreyS - July 14

I'm sure your little one will be just fine, i had my son circ_msized when he was first born and never had no problems, just clean it after each diaper change..


sahmof3 - July 14

Both of my boys were circ_mcised. It's normal for it to ooze a bit for a week or so, you only need to be concerned if there is excessive oozing or it looks red and inflamed. My hospital says to put vaseline on a gauze pad and keep it on the p___s- this prevents the p___s from getting stuck to the diaper if there is oozing. My boys never had any problems with it. Good luck w/ your new baby!!!


bbm - July 14

just curious. How long is waiting too long for it to be done?


mommie2b - July 14

my lil one was circ_msized and he is just great just make sure you clean it real good cause it will get infected if you do not.


torbman - July 14

bbm, I am not sure on that one. Joel is one month old though. Because he was a preemee, they wanted to wait. Other then that, I have heard of lots of stories while I was there from other mothers about there kids waiting til they were 3 and 5 years old. I don't think that I would want my little guy to remember the pain, if he didn't have to.


Layla - July 14

When my ds was circ_msized we applied a generous amount of A+D ointment on a guaz pad at every changing. It healed rather quickly and didnt have any problems. Did a nurse or Dr explain to you how to care for it?


TCB - July 14

We put vaseline on the tip because it kept sticking to the diaper. Just make sure you keep it clean he had the plastic bell thing around his p___s and we were told to just drip water on it a few times a day till it fell off.


julieB - July 15

I wrote about my sons circ a couple months ago.. My son had his almost three months ago.. they used a bell cuff and string.. When the cuff fell off about 5 days later i never noticed the string did not completely come out and it is now trapped under the already healed skin.. He has to see a urologist to take care of the problem.. I was hoping that the string would work itself out. I think the doc hoped to too... but it is now so soft and degraded that it will fall apart when you try to pull it out.. I waited with hope and took a two month trip to see my family.. Now I hate to have more work done on him.. It broke my heart the first time and now it is going to surely do me in.. Make sure the string completely comes out... Good luck on your little one..



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