My Lo Has Refused Solids For A Month Please Help

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rohan - March 7

He is 7.5 months now and for the past one month he has refused to eat solids (pureed food and cereal - he loved before). I thought he was teething and didn't worry about it init_tally. But, I am beginning to worry. He isn't putting on any weight. I do add rice cereal to his last night feed so he gets some sort of food. REFUSAL:HE shakes his head from side to side. Shits his mouth tight so that I can't even put my finger in. WHAT WORKS: If we all are eating he looks at our plate and opens his mouth - when I give him his pureed food he'll shut his mouth again - sometimes I can get a spoon in. If I give him avocado from my plate with my finger he'll take it. FACT: He has no teeth and started food at 5 mo - he use to love it. He has reflux but is on medication and it is under control. he does gag sometimes if I get in a full spoon of pureed food in his mouth.


first-timer - March 7

I am new at this too but if he will take avocado from your plate, why not try food in whole form now rather than pureed. Things that are soft like potatoes, banana, chicken etc. I know with my neices and nephews, you would be surprised what they could 'gum' as they did not get teeth until almost 11 months ( all 7 of them ). He may have moved past the pureed stage? Good luck.


kimberly - March 7

I agree with first-timer. You can start to give him foods that you eat. You can add a little water and mash them up real good. Things like cooked carrots, peas, greenbeans all can be mashed. Also some meats like chicken and turkey can be mashed enough for him to eat. Pastas are easily mashed up too. Just let him have a little of what you are having as long as it isn't full of salt or b___ter. Some babies just prefer othe food over the pureed.


kimberly - March 7

Oh, and don't worry to much they can thrive on just milk for the first year.


Bridget - March 7

If he takes avocado from your plate, try putting other stuff on your plate, he may just like the "method" and you might be surprised. I babysat a girl years ago who would only eat off my plate and so I'd fix her food and mine and put her food in front of me and so she thought she was getting "my" food when it was actually hers, LOL. Worked like a charm. My sister's little girl was gnawing on big chunks of steak before she had teeth. They'd give her a piece that was too big to choke on and she would suck on it til it was white! She really never ate much baby food after the cereal/fruit stage, she likes "real" food better. My son is a real meat eater and so we gave him little chicken chunks (boiled with a teeny bit of salt for flavor) and now, at 2, he loves hamburgers (just the meat) that we call them his meat cookies. But he will only eat baby food veggies, ack! Maybe some of this will give you an idea to try something. I really think the food stage is the most challenging part of infancy/toddlerhood. You want to give them good nutrition so you try all the right foods but you just wish they would eat it sometimes! Good luck.


Prego1 - March 8

How much formula is he drinking? What med is he on? I was asking bec. I belong to another forum and a lot of the babies with reflux there are doing the same thing. DD has reflux and is on Prevacid but I don't add rice cereal to all her bottles anymore. I think she may be getting too much if I add it to all of the bottles. Anyway, I guess what you can do is to just keep trying.


friendtilthend - March 8

Hello there my little one did the same thing. He would not take baby food even the one I made. But he did start taking food from my plate. He love avocado and potatoes


excited2bemama - March 8

Relax!!! babies don't HAVE to eat solids till over a year. They can do just fine on BM or forumla. At 7.5 months old your lo doesn't need pureed foods anyway. Feed him off your plate. Just cut stuff pea sized.. once he gets used to the texture and chewing and swallowing he wil be fine. My dd only has 2 teeth(bottum front) which you dont use for chewing anyway and she only eats regular food. Fruits veggies, pasta, rice etc. does your lo have a pincer grasp yet? can he pick things up and get them in his mouth? if so let him try to feed himself - start with something soft like dry rice crispies cereal. They practically dissolve in your mouth anyways. whatever you do DO NOT FORCE HIM TO EAT!!!!! by refusing the spoon and wanting food off your plate I think he is telling you 2 things.. 1 he wants to try what you eat.. remember babies love to imitate and 2) he doesnt want to be fed off a spoon. and FYI.. formula or b___stmilk has more calories than solids so if you are trying to fatten your lo lay off the solids and increase his milk intake!!


countrymom401 - March 8

my lo was the same way. when he was that age. He didn't want to be fed by a spoon. He would eat anything that I gave him with my fingers. It took a little longer but worked. Start offering him things he can pick up and try to eat on his own. My lo just got his first tooth and he is 1.He can eat pretty much anything that I eat. I started giving him puffed wheat at that age and other thing that dissolve in there mouth or a hienz baby cookie. he may just want to eat more big kid food then baby food. I know that I would rather eat what eveyone else is eating then mush. Good luck


rohan - March 10

thank you so much for all the input. I tried giving him food off my plate. Guess what - he openend his mouth. I used my fingers instead of a spoon. He has had waffle, yam and avocado. You guys rock!



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