My MIL Won T Listen To Me

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krnj - March 2

The other day Mil was feeding my son. Well she gave him a huge spoonful of pastina. I told her it was too hot to give it to him just yet but she gave it to him anyway. So my son started to choke and gag on it. She did the same thing with a piece of a potatoe last week. I don't know what to do, she just won't listen to me! Guess she won't be feeding him anymore. Dh won't say anything to her either. It's just so aggrivating!


snugglybugglys - March 2

That is the worst! My MIL gave one of my kids when they were little mincemeat pie! I was like wtf are you doing? My husband won't say anything either! GRRR! MIL's aren't they great!?


Lala - March 2

don't get me started on MIL's. !! Yet with our lo's we sometimes need to put our foot down, even if we normally just bite our tongue.


CyndiG - March 2

Yeah, put your foot down on her head!!! LOL! MILs are the worst!


sahmof3 - March 2

ROFL Cyndi


Lala - March 2

"on her head!!!" that is so funny (and well said!)


sophandbob - March 2

Ah - but just think; One of these days, those of us with a DS might become a mother in law too!


krnj - March 2

LOL sophandbob! That's a scary thought! We normally get along pretty well but I don't know what she was thinking! She used to be a pedi nurse like 10+ years ago so you think she would know better.


Mellissa - March 2

my mil used to give my daughter mandarin oranges when she was like 9 months. it would make her poor b___t so raw! i would tell her that from now on she needs to check with you before giving him anything, or else she can't feed him anymore. Seriously, as a mother she should know how you feel.


Smilefull - March 2

grrrrr mil


ash2 - March 2

I have that kind of MIL too. DH is too scared to say something to her ....Darn mama's boy !!


Alison - March 3

That would upset me so much! Makes me appreciate my MIL to read that! She is lovely (though can be a bit OTT sometimes lol!) xxx


shelly - March 3

lol ash,i call dh mb for mummys boy when he irritates me.


shelly - March 3

ive found now because i only have to see my mil once every couple of weeks ive now stared agreeing with her to get some peace,we mainly used to b___t heads as she is so obessed that we are feeding ds enough even tho hes a big boy anyway,she says have you tried this food or is he STILL on puree i say yes weve tried it and hes not ready i l try again tommorrow etc.if she thinks her advice is being taken ,she will shut up. but in your case its hard,i would give dh a nudge and tell him he has to stick up for you,i made my dh do this and now they think hes difficult not me hehe, but his family totally obsessed by food,they are total freaks,


punkin01 - March 3

i know how you feel bout MIL i call mine Monster in law but anyway she tries to feed her stuff all the time before she was eating "real food" and i just had to tell her to STOP giving her she tries to give her drinks from her gla__s and i asked her to please dont do it because 1. i dont like it and 2. i dont want her getting in the habit of drinking after others and begging for a drink from friends and such so bottom line dont do it ...but does she listen HELL day last fall when Dh and his brother was working on the deck and MIL was sitting out there suppose to be watching DD but she wasnt.....anyway i was at work and i called DH and we were talking and all of a sudden DH says Kayleigh is choking and throws down the phone and all i can hear is my DD trying to cough and breath i was in panic mode not knowing what to do over the phone........then finally she starts crying and DH FINALLY picks up the phone and says she had an acorn in her mouth and was choking on it and i asked where she got it from and DH said she was in her playpen and it must have fallen in there and MIL speaks up and says i seen it fall in there but i didnt think she would put it in her mouth i thought she knew better WFT!!!!! she was 7 months old!!!!!!!! cyndi i am with you on the foot on head theory!!!!


LollyM - March 3

oh my goodness! punkin, that is the worst mil story I have ever heard! I would have slapped her (in the head lol) krnj,sorry to hear your mil is crazy too! lol mine has her lovely "moments" as well. gee, why are they so crazy? I swear, I won't be like that if we have a boy!


krnj - March 3

Today at my sons' bday party she insisted on feeding him. I tried to get my sons' Godmother to feed him but she wouldn't hear of it. Anyway at least he didn't choke on anything today!! GRRRRRR!!!



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