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olivia - June 21

Ok, so I am at my parents house and my sister has her three kids over (ages 6, 5, and 3). They and my dd had been playing with blocks on the deck and they were done so I was picking them up and putting them in the bucket. My sister tells my 6 year old niece "Can you help your aunt pick up the blocks, she has a little baby and another one in her belly and is probably pretty tired". My niece responded "Well, she'd better get used to it". Ok, I understand were this could be very funny, but at the time it just seemed really ugly and insensitive. My sister said, "Oh, did you hear what she said?" and repeated it to me. About a half hour later my sister asked her daughter if she thought it may have been a little inappropriate to talk to her aunt that way. It was last weekend and I still keep thinking about it. Is my daughter going to talk to people like that? Geez, I think I'd ground her for a week. Maybe it's just the hormones reacting?


Narcissus - June 21

It would depend on what tone she used. If she smiled and said it in a way to show that she understands how demanding parenthood is, then I would not be offended. If she used a tone which suggests that she thinks you should pick up the toys and she is not responsible for helping, it's a whole different story. If she normally is a good child I would let it go. If she gives att_tude a lot, I would still let it go but I would not be as nice to her as I normally would with other children. That's probably bc I dislike b___hy little girls.


olivia - June 21

Ever since she started first grade she's turned into a 'b___h little girl". It is driving me crazy. She had no intention of helping, she was basically saying "no I won't help" but in the rudest way possible. I can't believe I am 31 years old and a first grader can get me so mad!


olivia - June 21

OOOPs, I didn't mean to type b___h, I meant to quote the "b___hy little girl" thing...


Mellissa - June 21

oh olivia... i know just how you feel. i don't know if it happens to a lot of little girls once they start school or what, but i have a neice who turned into the biggest witch once she started school. i was babysitting her once when i was pregnant with my daughter and she actually told me she hoped my baby would die! and when i said i was not babysitting her anymore, she said, "good, then it worked!" and she was not even 7!!! luckily her parents are very good disciplinarians and she aplogized and was grounded from all things fun for about a week.. but i still to this day have not babysat her again. and i won't. I love her, but some kids just know how to push your b___tons.


HannahBaby - June 21

honestly, i think that all kids go through a b___hy stage, and its right around kindergarten and first grade. My neice comes out with things sometimes and i just want to smack her in the mouth, but then i remember that shes only a little kid, and repeats and learns alot of what she hears. I dont think that she ment it in a malicious way, shes just a little kid, Also, what did the girl say to her mother when she asked her if she thought that she was inappropriate?? i think its just the hormones chick, but if it really bothered you, you should have taken the girl aside and talked to her


Rabbits07 - June 21

Yeah, school is where they pick up all the nasty little habits that you've spent the past 5 or 6 years trying to keep them from having :-)


Narcissus - June 22

Did any of you see the SuperNanny episode with the British family & their daughter who was runnung the family's life? She would hit her mom & sisters and she even scratched and hit Joe. She yelled, "GET LOST!!" to Joe. I wanted to punt her across a field so badly. She was the most awful child I have ever seen. I could not believe my eyes.


Kim L - June 22

Hi Olivia: my opinion is that NO you were NOT over-reacting!! It doesn't matter that she's a little kid - little kids need to be taught what is an acceptable way to speak to an adult and what is not. I don't ever let things like that go, you'd really be doing any little kid a disservice by letting them think that it's funny to say things like that when in fact it's very rude, and typically becomes a habit if it's not corrected. So I don't think it's hormonal, I just think you have a good mommy instinct!


Annette - June 22

... and by smiling at the comment, I am affraid your sister is encouraging that att_tude. She should have told her right away it was inappropiate to talk to you like that and why. Kids understand better than we think; I don´t have a daughter but my niece does all sort of rude behaviors and when someone tries to correct her she says "Well,what do you expect? I am only 8! " Of course she is not that little anymore, but she has grown up with the excuse her mom gives not to correct her. I am going to sound like a grandma, but when I was little (and I am 30 now) we didn´t talk like that. to adults. Good manners should be taught from the very beggining. When they do good things we say out loud "OH, he/she is so intelligent and mature for his age!" so when they misbehave, them being little kids should not be an excuse.


Kim L - June 22

Annette: you are so funny about your grandma comment, ha! But I've got to say, I'm not that old either (25) and that's the kind of house I was raised in as well. My mom would have taken me over her knee for saying something like that to any adult!


nic nac - June 22

Same here KimL and Annette, manners are key and i would have gotten punished for acting like that too. Being a little kid is no excuse for such behavior. Yes they are going to pick up nasty habits in school or anytime they are not under your direct supervision. That situation would have been the appropiate time to reinforce respecting adults. But by your sister's response, she is very light in her disciplining and you were not overreacting. I do not have tolerance for b___hy little girls like Narc said. They know how to push b___tons that's for sure.



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