My Pediatrician Said No Cereal Until 6 Months

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EMBERBABY - January 22

Well as you all may know my baby is 4 months and today we went in for her 4 mo shots I thought he would start us on cereal but he said no. He said that new studies from the American Academy of Pediatrics reccomend waiting till 6 months instead of 4 months now. He said even last year he was reccomending 4 moths old to start on cereal but as the new study showed it is just best to wait till 6 months now!! I realize that her nutrition should come from her formula at this point but I was hoping to start her so her digestive system can start getting used to solids not so much for the actual nutrition part of it.I am so disappointed, even this morning when I ate breakfast my lo reaches out for my Every time I cook or we go out to eat and she smells food she starts to get hungry it seems. I just thought we could start cereal now as I see most of you had fed your 4mo old cereal. Have any of you started your lo on cereal till 6 months?


apr - January 22

hmmm cant u ask another opinion?


piratesmermaid - January 22

Go with your gut. Each baby is different, and your baby will tell you when she's ready for food better than your ped. The study for 6months has been out a while, but I really think it depends on the baby. Go with your dd's signs, not neccessarily by what your ped says (in this matter anyway.)


ry - January 22

I just saw Dr Phil on Friday (it was a pediatric special) and the Sears docotors really reccomend waiting until 6 months. They said babies digestive systems really cannot handle solids and are they more likely to develop allergies. I started my baby at 4 months but i think i will wait or really research more next time. Honestly, as much fun as it is to give them solids for the first time, its kind of a pain-and expensive!


Kara H. - January 22

Personally, even though I tried, Max's system wasn't ready until 6 months. I tried at 4 months and Max's system didn't take it well. He cried all evening and acted like he had a tummy ache. We tried a couple nights in a row - same result. Then we tried oatmeal - same result. We put solids on hold until 5 months - same results. He is now 6 months and we are getting along much better with cereal. That was about 2 wks ago and he is aready moving thru his veggies. Our ped said she was fine starting cereal anytime between 4-6 months, but only cereal before 6 months. Veggies and fruit she adivises to wait until 6 months. Its really fun now because he is really excited about food and trying new things. I never saw that behaviour in him before 6 months. I know a lot of people start cereals much earlier, and their LO do just fine. Max did not.


Erynn21 - January 22

Well yes that is what they recommend, however, my doctor told me that if your child is demonstrating all of the signs that they want to eat they probably want to. She said that all babies are different in development(duh) and some are ready earlier than others. My dd is almost 4.5 months and I gave her cereal, even w/out the doc telling me. She was ripping spoons and food out of my hand. We talked about it at her 4month checkup and she said it was fine, it mostly is because of all the food allergies these days. Doctors are like everyone else they have their own opinions. I really think they try to put all babies in one box, but they all are so different.


LisaB - January 22

My ped is young and newer to practicing and he also advises waiting until 6 months we had moved so I had already started ds on solids and was thankful as my ds seemed ready also. I know medically speaking it is better to wait but it seems like finally at 4 months its fun and you get to do something new so its hard. I started at 4.5 months and ds was allergic to rice I think it would have been eaiser to wait 1.5 more months then to see ds be miserable but who knows if it would have made a differnce. In a few years watining until 6months will be the norm and those starting at 4 months will be old school like our pareants. Personally I'd wait but thats just me.


LisaB - January 22

Ok my post is all over the place sorry ds was up all night- mommy brain in full effect!


Rabbits07 - January 22

I waited until 5.5 months with Mason. I had read a study that said before 4 months OR after 6 months made them more prone to allergies, so I had decided to do it at 5 months (but then ds got a diaper rash and I worried I wouldn't be able to tell if he had a reaction, blah, blah, blah, so it ended up at 5.5 months) If your baby is really exhibiting major signs of readiness I wouldn't see any harm in starting earlier than 6 months.


Erynn21 - January 22

I have one other thing to add, my dd goes crazy now if she doesn't get her cereal and applesauce, the kid has a complete meltdown, she won't nurse or do anything but complain. I also give her water to drink w/ her food. I personally was planning to wait until 6 months, but my dd didn't want to.


EricaG - January 22

I started Abby on solids the day after she turned 6 months, this will be her 3rd day on rice cereal. you can't exactly "start getting her so her digestive system is used to solids" Her digestive system has to be ready for solids before you feed them to her. Waiting till 6 months is best in my opinion and obviously your pediatrician's too. It's up to you though. only you can decide :o)


flower.momma - January 22

It is your baby, and every baby develops differently. If she seems ready, start giving her tastes. I know that it is wise to follow your pediatrician's advice as much as possible, but you are the momma. I know that my dd was so ready at 4.5 months and she had no problems, but some babies do have issues. I am holding off for a little longer with my son because he has tummy issues as it is. Try holding off for as long as possible, and if you can't wait, maybe just a little bit every day. It is exciting to try, and see their reaction, and at that age they don't eat more than a teeny bit anyway.


J - January 22

Personally I would be estatic that my baby's doctor was up to date with current research. I would follow his advice as iot is thought to be the best thing for your baby and what else would one want?


Keli - January 22

most of our parents gave us rice cereal at 6 weeks. ( in the bottle) My DD didnt really take to it very well till 5 mos


krc - January 22

I just have to throw in my 2 cents! Our society has led us to believe that we must start giving "solids" right away, either at 6 months or as early as you can get away with. It is a proven fact that a child digestive system is not mature until 6 months, even then it isn't fully mature. Even so, that doesn't mean we have to give solids. As for a child acting like they need/want our food...well in my opinion, you could put dog c___p in front of a baby and they will diligently reach for it. My son grabs at my gla__s everytime I have something to drink...does that mean he's thirsty? I doubt it. He watches me eat with such intensity...does that mean he's ready for solids? I doubt that too! But what is a fact is that every baby is different. Some can handle food early on and some cant. And yes, each pediatrician is different, but just because they tell me to do something doesn't mean I follow their instructions. When it comes to my child, I make my decisions when im ready, not when some doc who only see's my kid once every 2 months thinks he's ready! One thing that has crossed my mind before is this whole thing with giving a baby cereal. Who started this tradition? Im not putting it just curious why moms think it's necessary for cereal? Does anyone have any input on the beginnings of cereal? We have come a very long way since when we were babies. My mom said my ped told her to give me fruit and ice cream was okay as well when I was only 1 month old !!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT!!!! Fruit & ice cream ! Yikes....i'd never do that to a one month old! She has listed in my baby book all the different things she fed me before I was 3 months old and my jaw dropped when I read them! She said thats what she was told though! Im so glad doctors know more these days!


Kara H. - January 23

I know SOOO many people my age (late 20's early 30's) with food allergies and food sensativities. It sure does fit into the theory that early solids causes food allergies. I know my mom was feeding me cream of wheat, bananas and mashed potatoes at 3 months. I was the scrawniest, underweight, sickliest child ever. Every picture of me before age four I have red rimmed eyes, dark circles and flushed cheeks. Mom said I puked all the time as a baby. Gee, Mom I think I might have a clue why that happened! :)


Kara H. - January 23

Oh yeah, and now my doctor thinks I have a wheat sensativity. Thanks mom for the cream of wheat!!



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