My Poem For Poppy

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flower.momma - March 9

I am starting to write again. I felt like my brain needed soem exercise. What do you think of my poem for my dd? My faery-light child, my sweet, small girl, with ocean green eyes and sunshine-bright curls... You're the white-quiet of snow. The first day of Spring. The blue-black feathers, of the small birds that sing, in shady, dark places. The smell of damp grass. The honking of geese in the night, as they pass. You're the tickle of sunlight, upon bare knees, and the sound of night winds, as they whip through tall trees. The sigh of a newborn, in an innocent sleep. The crisp-green of a frog, in a joyous mid-leap. You're the sound of the rain, in a late summer storm, as it bathes August dust, so cleansing and warm, the feel of each droplet, on freckled round cheeks. An old rocking chair, that cradles and creaks. You're the sound of the ocean, and Christmas light twinkles, birthday cake covered fingers, pink frosting and sprinkles. The smell of old books, and crayon scribbled art. The crunch of an apple, sweet, juicy and tart. You're rolling white clouds, and a field full of corn. You're the mewing of kittens, that have just been born. You're my moonlight eyes child, my dear Poppy girl, with a morning-sun smile, and marigold curls.


flower.momma - March 9

I hate how this forum doesn't let you do new paragraphs. So there are actual stanzas, they're just all mixed up together.


ashtynsmom - March 9

I love it!!! I have tears in my eyes!!


Emily - March 9

wonderfull. I dabble in writing myslef, but nothing as great as that. my girls are an inspiration. I can see your kids are ot you as well......


eliz24 - March 9

I love them! so creative.


Nita_ - March 9

aww so beautiful!! Poppy is lucky! My dd isn't so lucky, as her mommy isn't so creative! LOL


mandee25 - March 9

Sweet poem. Your children will cherish them later on in life I'm sure.


CyndiG - March 9

And this would be the girl version of that book! It's great!


Topaz - March 9

Beautiful poem! You have a wonderful talent for writing. Very touching!


Mommy_to_be - March 9

Very sweet <3



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