My Poor Sick Baby

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amanda.d - January 12

I took my poor little fella to the doctor yesterday and he has the start of a throat and sinus infection. I feel so bad but he wasn't acting sick just had a slight cough and slept more.. Geez you think for a veteran mom I would have caught it. Anyways none the less he's on antibiotics and saline drops and is feeling much better (I assume). He now ways 12lbs6oz, yesterday was his 3 month check up, good thing we went when we did. I just wanted to share that and remind people of the importance of check ups because what you think is minor might not be. I feel so bad for knowing that he was THAT sick. Oh well I guess I shouldn't dwell on it. Anyways Thats enough babbling from me, lol. Thanx for listening :)


amanda.d - January 12

oops weighs, geez LOL,.


amanda.d - January 12

oops again I mean NOT knowing he was THAT sick.


H - January 12

When he was coughing did you check to see if he had fever? For his sinus infection did his mucus look green? I'm asking because my son had these symptoms along with not wanting to play and just wanted to be held, I would give him Tempra or Tylenol and his cold would go away. Next thing I see a tooth coming out of his mouth. We would do our regular Dr. check-ups but he was o.k


Angela21 - January 12

aww poor little guy. i hope he feels better. dont kick yourself sometimes its hard to tell whats going on with them.


Jadyns Mommy - January 12

I hope he is feeling better soon! :-)


amanda.d - January 12

H, nope he no symptoms other than a bit of a cough, which sucks because I had no clue he was sick. However he is sleeping it off so thats good.


newmom - January 12

Sooo sorry to hear that your little fellow is sick, i know how hard it is for you, it hurts bad when these little angels get sick..Hope he gets better soon..


Christy - January 12

Poor little guy. My little man had his 2 month shots today and is really upset. He nursed right after the shots then fell asleep. He woke up 2 hours later, a bit fussy, but ate and got his diaper changed with no problems. Now he is screaming his head off. I am nursing him, which took a while to distract him, but he seems to be focused on that now. His one thigh is red and swollen. :( I hope he doesn't get a fever.


amanda.d - January 12

See thats the thing, I can't nurse so I am not wondering if thats why he got sick (had to quit @ 6 weeks). All of my other kids nursed until they weaned and never even now rarely get sick but not Camdyn. I am just wondering if he just didn't get enough antibodies when he did nurse.



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