My Sad News

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cubbie - February 14

Having been on this board for almost 11 months now, many of you knew that I was pregnant - due in Aug, so I feel I should let you know that we lost the baby this week - no hb at 15 weeks, I had the D&C yesterday, physically I'm doing great, emotionally staying strong I've been there before at 21 weeks, so sadly this time round it's a lot easier. I'm getting great support and hopefully will be pregnant soon.


ImpatientMommy - February 14

Cubbie- I am sooooo sorry. I didn't know this happened to you before... do they have any idea why it keeps happening or is it just random? I'm really sorry, I can't imagine how you must feel. It'll happen for you though! I know it will!


Buffi R. - February 14

I'm so sorry for your loss. Hopefully they'll be able to determine what's causing this so next time you'll carry to term. It's so unfortunate that sometimes miscarriages have to happen more than once to diagnose a problem. I'll be praying for you.


margie - February 14

I am so sorry. I am amazed at your strength. I pray that god will help you heal from the physical and emotional pain from your loss. Do they know what is causing this to happen yet?


MelissaK - February 14

Cubbie_ I am so saddened by this news. I've been there 3x myself and anyway you cut it, it's really devastating. Push for the testing... My testing finally showed I had Factor V Leiden (blood clotting problem) so when I got on the thinners with my last pregnancy, I was able to finally carry to term... So sorry.


cors1wfe - February 14

Cubbie - I too am extremely sorry for your loss! You sound amazing! It will happen for you - you'll see.


cubbie - February 14

First of all thank you so much for your words and support. As to why it keeps happenning... well we don't really know, but when I gave birth to my oldest dd who's now 3, during the birth we almost lost the hb and they were about to take me to do an emergency cs when it came back and I was pretty much ready to give birth and when she came out the chord was very knotted which is what had caused the problem, then when she was 10 months I lost my first little angel at 21 weeks, I had to go through labour and again the baby came out with a knotted chord. 15 months later my younger dd, now 11 months was born, again during the birth they could tell from the monitor that there were problems with the chord, but that she was doing well and that they just needed to watch the situation, I'm lucky that I go from 4cm to birth in just a few minutes so just when they were starting to talk about the option of a cs I gave birth and yet again the chord was knotted. The drs say (including the top professor at the hospital) that a knotted chord is totally randem and I've just been unlucky with statistics, but I'm not convinced, but I do also know that they can't detect it during pregnancy or do anything to stop it, so if it happens before birth supplies will be cut off to the fetus during the pregnancy but if it happens during the birth itself they can tell on the monitor and are ready - I have always been induced at 0cm with my oldest because I was missing amnio and with my second because of my history so I'm on the monitor the whole time and was given an epidural at 1 1/2cm. This time because I lost the baby earlier and I just had a D&C not labor they couldn't determine very much, but I do know that I had a 2 week late ovulation and my doctor had warned me at the beginning that because it was an old egg there was a very high chance of an early mc, the 7 week us showed blood outside the sac and again I was warned that I could start showing blood, but the 13 week us looked very healthy, so we all (including drs) thought I'd got pa__sed the risky stage wth this pregnancy. I have done blood clott testing in the past, but I also changed obgyn with my 2nd dd who did the D&C yesterday and he wants to go through the papers I have, to make sure that they covered all areas and push for any more testing that might have been missed. Emotionally I have to stay strong the first time it happenned I was so depressed until the birth of my 2nd dd and I just don't want to be in that place again, so I'm just grateful that I have 2 beautiful girls who need a stong and happy mom to take care of them.


kimberly - February 14

Oh how awful! I am so sorry this happened to you again! It is great to see that through this tough time you haven't lost site of all the blessings in your life!


MNMOM - February 14

cubbie - wow. I just cannot believe it, I sure hope they find a reason. I agree with you, "random" and "bad luck" just wouldn't be answer enough for me either. Stay strong and give your girls many hugs. We are all thinking about you.


wailing - February 15

Cubbie so sorry. Many blessings to u in the future. Take care of yourself


Prego1 - February 15

I'm sorry for your loss, I know there's nothing I can say that will make it all better. I hope you will get pregnant soon and have the baby full-term. I had a bad pregnancy (subchorionic hematoma) and almost lost my baby many times. During labor I also had lots of complications and DD almost died and the dr. had to do an emergency c-section w. no anesthesia to get her out ASAP. Just want to say you're not alone....God bless.



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