My Secret Delight Do You Have One

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kellens mom - January 26

I absolutely love listening to the "Kellen and Daddy Radio Show" in the mornings. When I am getting ready for work, daddy will help Kellen get dressed or whatever (especially if we are running late). Anyway, I always grab the baby monitor and haul it in the bathroom so that I can listen to their conversations. Yesterday he told her "'s going to be another one of those absolutely adorable days!" This morning he was busy talking to her about her hair and how she was going to have to figure out what to do with it (she is 9 months old). I love the high voice that he uses when he talks to her. Somehow the Kellen and Daddy Radio Show makes him even more s_xy...


Brandi - January 26

That is so sweet! Evan and Jay sit a watch Nascar together, I can't get him to sit still, but for some reason he'll kick back for an hour on Daddy!


mandee25 - January 26

Yeah I love watching my husband spend time with Noah, even though at 9 weeks he doesn't do much as far as playing goes.


sahmof3 - January 26

I love when my youngest does his "cheesy grin." He squints his eyes, scrunches up his nose and smiles and shows all of his teeth. He knows he's cute when he does it ;-)


piratesmermaid - January 26

Aww! I wish I had a Daddy and Daughter show to listen too. Maybe I can convince my hubby to do something like that. :)


sahmof3 - January 26

My dh does "firetruck" with the kids. Now, get this, the kids love it... but my dh gets the lazy man game of the year award lol. He lays tummy down on the floor and the kids all sit on his back and pretend to be on a firetruck. He occa__sionally bumps his b___t up in the air and they all fall off.


kellens mom - January 26

Piratesmermaid- There is no convincing. You have to buy a monitor and then forget to tell dh to turn it off. Once that dh found out that I was listening to them, he was embara__sed and he started turning off the monitor when he entered her room. Then one day he forgot to turn it off and I told him how much I enjoyed listening to him because he is such a good dad (smoosing a little - I know!) He has left it on ever since.


lexa - January 26

I love listening to my dh talk to our dd when he thinks I can't hear! Funny thing is he wanted another boy when I was pg (we were nervous about how to handle a girl and already having a boy...thought it was easier....also...theres the "sports" thing). Anyway...he'll hold her and talk to her. She's 3.5 months and she coos to him. I always hear him saying...."you're gonna be a daddy's girl. You're gonna be sooo spoiled." It's so cute!!! I know he's so happy we had a girl:-)



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