My Son Has RSV And The Doc Isn T Doing Anything For It

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TamaraAngel - February 1

My son will be 7 months old tomorrow. He has had a really bad cold and cough since before xmas. The doc said it was fine. Then, last friday he started vomiting and hasnt stopped since! I took him to the ER and the pedi and it turns out he has RSV! The first few days he didnt keep anything down and now he is only vomiting like 2X a day. I'm giving him Pedialite and i kept him out of daycare all week... but he has to go back on Monday! The doc did not give me ANY MEDS bc he said nothing is effective for RSV! He still is coughing alot and sounds congested and wheezy! I'm so worried and pray he doesnt end up in the hospital. What signs should i look for to make sure it's not getting worse or turning into pnumonia? Has anyone else found any meds to be effective for their lo's?? Thanks!


kimberly - February 1

My dd was coughing and wheezing just like that and her pedi put her on antibiotics and some steriods. I think he probably needs to be seen again, maybe by someone else. Hope he gets better soon!


MelissaK - February 1

My daughter just made it through a bad bout of RSV - scared the c___p out of me. there is no medicine they can give your baby as it is a virus, and antibiotics don't work. Our doctor did give us an inhalor, it was like a misting machine that we put some medicine in and just waved it around her face - she really liked it. The medicine opened up her sinuses and bronchial tubes to allow the phlegm to pa__s easier. I also used ALOT of the Little Noses drops. And we did a ton of phlegm syphining. She was throwing up HUGE amounts of phlegm in the beginning. A week later she is better now, barely a cough left. Lots of rest, no going outdoors is what you need. Also, having to go back to daycare is a major downer for you, your baby will just pick the RSV up again. Can you find another solution for another week so he can get really strong? That RSV is some nasty business I tell ya!


J.J. - February 1

It's true, there isn't any medication they can give to cure RSV, just supportive therapy. My son was hospitalized twice (4 days each time) due to RSV. He was admitted b/c he needed to be nebulized every 2 hours. Once he only needed it every 4 hrs, he got to go home. It is a real pain in the a__s. He's now 2 and I"m glad that we bought the home nebulizer....we have actually used it on other occa__sions...for example to help treat chronic cough. i think it helped.


MelissaK - February 1

Yeah I think that is what the machine we have is called, a nebulizer. Our insurance payed for it, they actually bought the machine and we have it at home. I'm so sorry your baby ended up in the hospital, that was my fear. Their little bronchial tubes just can't handle all that phlegm. The day my DD was diagnosed, the doc had just come from the emergency room. She was treating a 28 day old baby who stopped breathing 4x at the emergency room due to RSV!! At 4 months old though a baby can handle it better. Nevertheless, it is some scary business. On the brighter side, after DD got through it, she DOUBLED the amount of formula she normally drank pre-RSV. My husband thinks aliens took over! Hey, can you use just water in the nebulizer machine, for a nice "steam" for the baby? DD really seemed relaxed and calm when we use the machine, and I want to save the left over medicine in case the RSV comes back in the next month or so. We were thinking maybe we can use the machine with water for a nice relaxtion session.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - February 1

My niece has been in the hospital the last 2 days with RSV, she is hooked up to an oxygen tank...I would DEMAND your doctor to check his oxygen levels. If your son breathing gets to bad, he may fall asleep and not wake up. My niece was breathing 82 (they don't let it get over 85) and the breathing rate for a baby is 32. I would seriously have your doc keep an eye on his oxygen levels.


docbytch - February 1

Hi. Signs to look for that indicate your baby is worsening are the following signs of increased work of breathing: 1)nasal flaring 2)obvious retractions with every breath seen in the abdominal region 3)Use of neck muscles while breathing 4) any bluish tinge in the mucus membranes. You need to take your baby back to the doc and get a home nebulizer kit to help with your baby's breathing. It is true that antibiotics do not help with viruses unfortunately....supportive therapy is the only thing you can do at this point. Good luck and sorry your little one is sick!!


catgiggles - February 2

Tamara I hope your ds gets better soon. I was going to post signs to look for but the very last poster before me hit the nail right on the head. My son just got better from this. He was 10 months old when it started and is now 11 months. He was born prematurely and we had worked very hard to try to keep him from getting sick. We are not even sure how it got it. We limited him being in public. No daycare, used cartcovers if he had to go to town w/ us, sanatized our hands and made others do the same. We think we know someone that came over that was sick even tho they a__sured us they were when we called them out on it when they were here. It was a grandparent that wanted to see him and did not believe the drs that he could get sick so easily. Grrr.. There really is no antibotics that will help it. My son was given like an inhalor in a mask, a shot of antibotics, and oral antibotics b/c he had pneumonia also. It is very scary. Trust your gut if you think he is getting worse. Never second guess warning bells!! Hope things are back to normal soon!


jodie - February 3

Awweee Tammy! Give Jayden a big hug and kiss for me. We haven't gone through RSV thank god, but I hope he gets better sooon!!!


TamaraAngel - February 4

Thanks girls for all the helpful responses! Jayden seems to be much better the past few days. I had to send him to daycare today though so i pray he doesnt get sick again!!!!! His whole infant cla__s (4 other babies) were all out friday and today bc they are now sick too!!!!!!!! :oP



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