My Son Has Suddenly Become VERY Active Anyone Else

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Bree - June 15

I'm concerned that my almost 6-month old son who's always been very laid back has become so active suddenly. You cannot hold him without him scanning everything for something to get ahold of. And he's super determined. He has also scarted screaming at me when he's eating food and I don't give him another bite fast enough or I get up to get him some more. (Actually I find that cute, but it just seems he's demanding) and I don't want my son to be unlikable down the road, if that makes any sense. Anyone else experiencing any similar situations? Thanks.


Jamie - June 15

My daughter was the exact same way at the same age. Wait, what am I saying? She's still like that. I have found that it's easier to put the food on the table in front of her - she feeds herself at her own pace. Still haven't figured out how to keep things out of her reach. If it's not stapled to the ceiling, she'll get it.


momster - June 15

i think he's coming into his own if that makes any sense and the world is his to explore which is probably why he is so active... my son is 7+ months and he's been go-go-go for quite some time so i'm sure we'll have our hands full especially since he started crawling this week! i don't think he will be unlikable - i think that as he grows, he will learn to be patient when he is waiting for food etc... for now, they are so excited about new things to play with, new foods, and their new-found motor skills... he seems perfectly normal to me! have fun!!!


AmandaManns - June 15

My almost 6 month old is the exact same way. Just today I was holding him and he was getting into my water bottle and trying to get his sippy cup. Sometimes he is fussy at dinner so I will sit him on my lap and he has his hands in my plate and the food alllll over the place. He is also in love with my cell phone so if I have it in my hand he is reaching for it constantly and if I am talking on the phone he will be pushing the b___tons and he gets mad when I put the phone away. He is just getting bigger and the older they get the more things they get into, so this is just the beginning lol ahhhhh.


Rabbits07 - June 15

I know exactly what you mean from experience with my last one. My pedi says the difficult ones are usually the most intelligent though :-) Of course, I'm sure he's just saying that to soothe me, but it's nice to hear anyways! My 3-year-old is something else and has been ever since he was just a baby. He's really outgoing and sociable now though and makes friends with everybody he meets, so i wouldn't worry about your lo not being liked on down the road. Just lead by example for now and he will pick up on the rights and the wrongs as he gets older. Right now their whole world is about what they want as they don't have the ability to grasp the concept of manners.


Maggie - June 15

Bree this may sound strange, but pyschologically speaking, between the ages of 5-6 months the baby starts to realize that he is a separate person from you. Your baby has probably just gotten the idea that he can move, eat, and grab things, and not only that but he can do it himself. When he realizes that he can't do everything by himself just yet he will get frustrated. I don't think you need to worry about it just yet. When he hits the 1 year mark I would try setting some boundries.



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