My Son Is A Giant

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hmreyna - June 16

I always have people telling me how huge my baby boy is.... everywhere I go...."wow, he is so big for 3 1/2 months"... it honestly has been driving me crazy. So, I decided to weigh him yesterday and he was 18 lbs!! 18lbs... is that possible. He was born March 1, 2006 and he was 7lbs 9ounces!! He really is a giant. I am kinda truly afraid something is wrong!! What do you guys think??? I would love some input!!


Christy - June 16

Well, if he is 18 lbs at 3.5 months, then yes, he is big. My kiddo was 15 lb 6 oz at his four month check up and 17 lb 4 oz at his 6 month check up. He is over 7 months old now and probably 18 lbs. I might add that he has been pretty consistently in the 50th percentile for everything. Anyway, if your son is big for his age, I don't see anything wrong with it, as long as he is proportionate. When do you go in for his four month check-up?


myriah - June 16 son was born 8lbs 8 oz, at 2 months he was 17 lbs, 4 months he was 24 lbs and 6 months he was 28 lbs. his pediatrician says he is in excellent health. you know in some parts of asia the upper cla__s insist upon their babies being big n chubby because the fat is good for brain development and immunity. as long as what he is eating is healthy , i say don't fret a bit. i also believe the bigger the better in the 1st year. when they start walking they'll burn it all off. embrace the chub!


Debi - June 16

I have a baby chubber too, my daughter was 9lb 2oz when she was born, we just went for her 4 month check-up this week and she is 18lb 2oz. My friend who is the nurse at the pediatrician's office said that all day long they had big chubby babies coming in for thier check-ups. I'm curious though, do you formula feed or nurse? My daughter has been formula fed since birth.


Bonnie - June 16

Mason is 20 pounds at 4 months. He is in the 97th percentile for both height and weight. He's a BIG boy :D


hmreyna - June 16

Well, thanks ladies I do feel better!! We just have big babies on our hands!! Debi, my son has been on Similac Advance since week 2. I nursed for a week and thats all I could do!! I have a TON of respect for mothers that nurse for awile!! Debi, what kind of formula is your daughter on??


Amy_mommy - June 16

i agree with u myriah! being asian, my baby is small so they alway say i'm "poor" that i don't feed my baby enough such and such.....


Amy_mommy - June 16

to myriah: what do u feed your son that he weights 17 pounds at 2 months? my daughter weighs 11 pounds at 2 months......


AmandaManns - June 16

My son was 10 lbs 21 inches at birth and at his 3 month check up he was 16 lbs 15 oz and 25.5 inches and 4 months he was 17 lbs 3 oz 26 inches. Sounds like you just have a big boy and there is nothing wrong with that. He is just a big healthy baby boy.


Debi - June 16

hmreyna~my daughter is on Carnation Good Start DHA & ARA, I used the original Carnation with my other kids, they didn't make this kind then. Thankfully, we have not had problems with it.


olivia - June 16

I just posted your same story on the "I want a Giant" tread. My friend had a boy March 9th, 7lbs 4oz and he is 19 lbs! She b___stfeeds and is thinking she should auction her milk off for premies! He'll be fine! We keep joking with her because she had twins the first time, so maybe she's still making milk for two and he's just eating it all!


lrodriguez83 - June 19

I have a big baby boy too! He was born March 3 2006 and weighed 8lb 4 oz and at his last appointment he was 12lb 14 oz and that was his 2 month check up and we weighed him the other day at home and he was 16 pounds and he is 3 and a half months old now. He goes to his 4 month check up the second week of July and have a feeling he will be almost 20 pounds by then. I love my chubby baby and though I am tired of hearing nasty comments from people about his size, I know that some babies are chubby and some are not. I think chubby babies are more cute anyways. They look healthy and those big full cheeks and thighs, I love it. . The doctor will tell you if they think something is wrong with their growth but it is normal for babies to grow fast the first 6 months and then you will notice the weight gain will slack off and when they get more active with crawling and walking, they will slim down. Have fun with your fluffy baby and take lots of pictures.


Dalinkwent - June 22

My daughter is 6 months old and is already walking. She is 24.3 lbs and wears size 5 diapers. When she was smaller, I fixed that. I bulked up her at 4.5 months on pureed table food mixed with b___st milk or formula. La la la la, laa la laa.


Dalinkwent - June 22

Oh, meant add, she wears 24 mo. clothes as a rule. Some things need to be 36 months size.



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