My Son Is Talking

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Emmie - February 22

I am so excited. My son is 10 months and has just started talking. He says daddy, mommom, hi, h__lo, hey, and thank you. He just started within the last few days. So cute! I just wanted to share.


piratesmermaid - February 22

Wow!! Congrats!!! All those words in just a few days, that's great!


waiting100 - February 22

wow- really!! my son is just over 10 months and can only say mom and dad - did you teach him these words over and over or ?


foxhoundsrgr8 - February 23

You must be so proud!! I can't wait for my son to say those things knowing what they mean - it's a huge step in becoming all 'grown up', you must be really happy!


Emmie - February 23

waiting 100-I didnt try to teach him at all I just always say hi or hello to him whenever I see him and I guess he picked up on that. Also whenever I give him anything or take it away I say thankyou and he has started saying that now. Im so excited.


kellens mom - February 23

I am so jealous! Congrats. The only reason I am jealous is because I have not heard dd say Mama forever. Dada is king at our house. I also don't think she has a very good vocabulary since she mostly makes "d" sounds. I hope your son is advanced for his age...otherwise, my dd is falling behind. (Not that I am worried...she shows intelligence. It just does not come out in words!)


cae - February 23

That is great. My son turned 1 last month, and so far he can only say dadda, and he just learned how to wave bye. Im still practicing with him.


Emmie - February 24

Yeah, Its actually surprising he can talk. He cant do much else : ). He cant sit up or crawl. I guess all babies develop differently! Im just waiting for him to take off at any time. People always act shocked when I say he cant crawl and ask if there is anything wrong with him.


singlem0m - February 24

Congrats! Can't wait for my LO to start talking.


melissa g. - February 24

dont worry about your son not crawling yet -- his vocab sounds pretty darn advanced for that age -- I have a friend who teaches preschool and she swears that kids who talk early dont walk early and vice versa -- like their little brains can only concentrate on one thing at a time! My dd walked just shy of 10 months and she is now 12 months, practically runs, and hasnt said squat. Just da-da a couple times.


LollyM - February 25

aww! yay for you guys =) He is pretty advanced to say all those things at 10 months! It's true they develop differently... my 6.5 month old can cay mama and dada (not very clearly though) but I don't think she'll ever crawl since she just lays there and cries whenever I put her on her tummy!


cae - February 25

lol That is so true what meissa g. said. Atleast with Ethan that is the case. He running aroud the whole house, but really hasnt said much yet.



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