My Son S Bum

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B - August 7

This is kind of an interesting question. This week, I noticed while wiping my son's bottom, that he has a lump on his bum...where the hole is. It looks like a blister and it's red. I'm going to call his pediatrician but while I wait to get my appointment set up, I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else's babies. Is it an external hemorriod? I don't know if babies can have those. What should I do in the mean time before the doctors?


S - August 7

My daughter had something like that too, it was circle, like right next to her v____a. It was red and i showed it to her doctor, he didnt seem to concerned about it but made me put a cream on it and it went away. Maybe its some form of diaper rash or something.


B - August 7

I didn't mean the question as interesting, I meant it as being forward. I guess I just am not used to talking about b___ts and saying p___s and a__s. I'm just being a concerned mother. At least I'm not the mothers on the news who let their babies diaper rash get so bad, the child dies from infection. I am just scared that my son has this lump thats not suppose to be there. I just wanted some advice.


P - August 7

Well that was pretty rude. I really don't understand why some people come on here to be jacka__ses. B - I really don't have any clue what it could be but babies have so many little things they need to work out as they grow. I'm sure it's nothing. Good luck.


E - August 8

B, what did the pediatrician say? I hope your baby is not feeling any pain.


B - August 8

Hey, thanks for your concern! I just went today and the pediatrician gave us hydrocortizone cream and said to use a lot of vaseline after diaper changes. My son only seems to show pain after I wipe the area but he doesn't scream or anything. I just hope it goes away. The pediatrician said it could be because of his formula and hard bowel movements. I am going to try my best to get rid of this thing, I feel bad for my son.


P - August 8

I'm glad it was nothing serious.


P - August 8

I'd say kiss his b___boo for


B - August 9

lol hehe!!


S - August 9

Im glad to hear that, my doctor told me to use that cream too and it really helped.



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