My Son S Teeth Stopped Coming In

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Bridget - March 9

My 13 month old son's teeth started coming in at exactly 6 months. Every few weeks another would show up,and it's matching pair would follow a week or so later. Then he got # seven (third one on the bottom, he has 4 on top) and the 8th one hasn't appeared, it's been months since he has cut a new tooth!!! Since before Thanksgiving, I think. The bottom ones are a little crooked and I think they are shifting because they have no other teeth next to them to stop them. Has anyone's baby's teeth stalled out like this and then finally started again or is this some sort of growth slowing issue I should be concerned about. He sees his ped. in a week and a half but I just was wondering if anyone else has seen this, I'm a little worried. Thanks.


rl- - March 9

oh yeah my ds was the same way he got the 7 in 4 on top and 3 on bottom then nothing for awhile just the other week his other bottom one came in LOL so don't worry they will come and it is normal for them to be a bit crooked as well ( :


Bridget - March 9

Wow, cool that it's not abnormal but it's one of the details of motherhood that I never gave any thought to til now. My younger siblings all got their teeth but I never kept track, ya know? I could write a thesis on body functions from teeth to poop to cradle cap to the rate of toenail growth, all the Moms know what I mean. But I can't find my cell phone or I forgot to pay the cable bill. It's like elves snuck into my head and rewired my brain for very different priorities, LOL.


sahmof3 - March 9

Haha! That's funny!!! Yeah, my youngest has all teeth and even 1 year molars, but no canines yet. His other teeth (besides the 1 year molars) were in before he was a year old and that was 8 months ago... but no sign of those canines yet!


ssmith - March 9

My dd got her 2 bottom teeth at 5 months, her two top teeth at 7 months...and then 2 more on top beside the first 2 at about 7.5 months...then that was it. She'll be 11 months on March 27...and has no signs of any more teeth yet. I keep waiting...but nothing's happening!


Bridget - March 9

It's a relief to know that stalled teeth isn't an abnormal thing. sahmo3, maybe your DS will be a vegetarian when he grows up, since he doesn't have those canines yet. Maybe it's a sign he won't like meat. The things that go through my head, LOL. I do remember my young brother getting teeth VERY early, at less than 2 months old and I've even heard of kids being born with teeth, IMAGINE! The first week of b___stfeeding doesn't hurt enough, I'll take some teeth, please.OOOOWW!


jb - March 9

My dd is almost 13 months old and she still only has 2 teeth. She only has the bottom 2. She got them at 8 months and 10 months old. Since then, there has not been a sign of another tooth showing up. I think she is going to have to get dentures!



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