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Mommy - November 8

Hi! I am just so proud I have to share. My 17 month old said his first actual sentence a few hours ago. We were going out to eat with a friend and the restaurant is by Walmart, (which we go to every Friday) and he said very clearly "I see Walmart!" I almost fell over lol. Then inside, being the natural flirt he is, said "hi there" to our waitress. I had to laught! I'm just curious as to how old other peoples kids were when they said their first sentences. It's fun to share.


another mom - November 9

my daughter was 16 months old when she said her first sentence. we were getting ready to leave and he dad went out ahead of us and she said seeya daddy. it was so adorable. if only i had a camcorder.


Mommy - November 9

My nephew is like that. He's 6 and just now you can understand most of what he says. It's good to hear he's doing well in other departments though. I'm sure you're proud. :-)


karine - November 9

when my son was about 17-19months he said....jade cause his big sister hurt him..and she did admit to it. he talks much more than my daughter at that age..they are 2 and 3. so he repeats everything shell say


Samantha - November 9

When my daughter was 11 months old, she signs bird, mommy, bottle, dog, and coupl more signs. By 13 months, shes able to speak- "I see bird" and signs "Where's bird?" "Where's dog?" I love it when she signs!! =)


lol @ Jbear - November 10

nd samantha my baby is 13 months now and I was just about to give up on signing but I catch her signing at me all the time now. It just started a few days ago. turns out she likes her books very much and will get up at 5am signing book and saying something that sounds like open. I know the two signs are the same. It so encouraging to know I haven't been doing all of this stuff in vain. Apparently she also knows opposites too because when I say no, she signs yes to me. Milk and yes are the only two she uses with any frequency.



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