My Son Slept From 9 30 6 30am Last Night

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hmreyna - May 24

That's 9 hours and he is not 3 months yet. Should I continue to let him sleep or should I wake him? He was born March 1.


LisaB - May 24

let him sleep. unless he is a premie or way under weight. enjoy it!!!


RB - May 24

let him sleep!!!! congratulations! i started sleep training my son at 8 weeks so i don't think that it's too early for your son to be sleeping 9 hours straight...some might not agree but it worked for us :)


HannahBaby - May 24

my daughter was sleeping 8 hours at 1 and a half months....i would never wake her!!


meagan1227 - May 24

my son started sleeping at 2 months from 11 to 6 and now he's 5 months he sleeps from 9 to 7 (sometimes 8) i didnt wake him up to feed him or anything. so i think you should let him sleep


YC - May 24

As long as he is healthy I agree...let him sleep!!! At that age they will wake if hungry. enjoy!!!


jessb - May 24

My girl is 3 1/2 months and has been sleeping 8 hours a night for about a month. Consider yourself lucky. Dont wake him!!! They go through phases anyways, sometimes she has a week where she wakes up at 3am every morning. So if he does that dont freak out hopefully he will go back to his good sleeping soon.


shelly22 - May 24

Yeh, let him sleep!!! My son is a little over 3 months and he sleeps 10 hours a night!! He's been sleeping through the night pretty much since 5 weeks, I'm so lucky!!


Heather F - May 25

my pedi said babies should sleep through the night by the time they are 4 months old, that this is normal and they will know when they are hungry - congrats!!


Maggie - May 26

Congrats hmreyna! My dd has been sleeping through the night since she was 1 week. There have only been 7 nights that she hasn't, and thats when she was sick. The doctor said to let her sleep because she is thriving. If she starts to loose weight or anything like that the doctor said he will have me wake her up for a feeding. For now I am really enjoying this experience because I am not a sleep deprived maniac.



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