My Son Will Not Sleep In His Bassinet

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Julie - November 7

I am up all night every night because my 3 week old will not sleep on his back. He likes to sleep in my arms or on my chest. I am a very light sleeper and can't get any sleep. He will be sound asleep until I lay him down and then he wakes up. I have tried letting him sleep in his bouncer and this works but only for a limited time. help!


momma - November 7

have you tried a sleep wedge (they let babies sleep on their sides with out rollng to their belly) that worked with my daughter otherwise enlist a trusted family member or friend for help you so ou can get some rest if you have a swing you could try that he might like the movement of it


Sonya - November 7

I had this problem with my first son and I thought I would loose my mind. Here's what we did. We bought a special monitor that detected babies movement (breathing) and alarmed if it did not detect movement in a certain amount of time. This gave us some piece of mind to let him sleep on his stomach. He started sleeping instantly. Good Luck.


silvie - November 7

we had the same problem too, but once I put my son on his sides ( with the help of positioner so he would not roll on stomach) he was fine sleeping in ba__sinet. You can also try car seat sleeping or swing if everything else fails.


erica - November 7

my baby was the same exact way. He wouldnt sleep for longer than maybe a half hour at a time. So for a while when we put him on a pillow on the couch he would sleep and although he couldnt roll over i just didnt liek doing it. So and i know its not the best thing to do but he started sleeping on his tummy, he started sleeping for 4 hours at a time. I agree with sonya getting a monitor is the safest thing to do, i never though of it til now but my son is now six weeks old and is sleeping 8 hours at a time. Hope this helps:)


Angela - November 7

We bought an amby bed for our secind who who had the same problem. She slept all night the first night we used it( she was 4 weeks old) Our third one used it day one and slept all night when he was 5 days old.


New mom - November 7

My son is just the opposite...he likes sleeping in his ba__sinet since the day he is born but i just can't let him be far from me..he falls a sleep in his bed and then i bring him back on my even don't want my hubby to sleep with me anymore..he loves looking at toys in the ba__sinet and love music too much..


Eryn - November 7

Angela: Whats an amby bed?


K - November 10

My 2 month old is the same way she likes to be rocked to sleep and you think she is in a good deep sleep but as soon as we would lay her in her ba__sinet she would wake up. We finally tried the car seat thing we swaddle her and than rock her for a bit and put her in the cqar seat and she sleeps the whole night. We also put a blanket in the bottom so the buckle dosen't bother her. Soon were going to start her in her crib and hope it goes well.



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