Mylicon Gas Relief

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jb - February 27

I was just wondering if any of you have used or do currently use Mylicon gas relief drops for you children. When do you give it to them, just before or just after a feeding? Does it seem to work well?


Heidi - February 27

I tried them and sometimes they helped, sometimes they didn't. Depends on where they have gas. If it's in their lower intestine it doesn't help them at all. Or something like that. I read up on it once and other moms have said the same thing on here. Give it a try. I heard gripe water works wonders too.


KrisD - February 27

I have given it after a feeding if he seems really squirmy and cranky. Sounds kind of funny, but after he has his formula, sometimes he stretches, arches his back, and pa__ses gas.... and gets really cranky. As he gets older, I give it less and less. Once in a blue moon. I used to give it every day, a few times a day!


AmandaManns - February 27

I use the Gerber gas drops, only for the fact the my son does better with those...lucky me because they are cheaper. But I only give them to him every night in the middle of his last feeding and he does sleep through the night.


jessb - February 27

jb-I use the Little Tummy's gas relief drops. They are just like mylicon I a__sume. Sometimes they seem to work and sometimes they dont. I am going to try mylicon after this bottle runs out to see if it works any better. My bottle says you can repeat dosage after feeding and not to excede 12 doses a day. Some days I have given to my daughter 3-4 times so I know its pretty safe to use often.


Bonnie - February 27

They are all pretty much the same and they are safe to use every feed. We generally just drop them into Mason's bottle for each feed.


SonyaM - February 27

We use the Walmart brand of them because they are much much cheaper. We put them in every bottle and Mason has NEVER had a problem with gas. We really believe in them. We used them the same way with our first son and he never had a gas problem either.



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