Myspace Question Please Help

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BreaunasMommy - February 17

ok I just made a myspace page but how do I add friends or request friends to add me?


BriannasMummy - February 17

what you would do is go to the persons myspace that you want to add as a friend. Under each persons display picture there is a box that has a 2 column list.. they include Send Message..Add to Friends .. Instant Message.. Add to Group.. Forward to Friend.. etc. All you have to do is press on Add to Friends and follow the instructions after that. Try it.. my addy is ~Kristin~


sahmof3 - February 17

You can try to add me, also. Mine's


sahmof3 - February 17

... and my name on there is Tammy... it's a pic of me in a lime green shirt holding my dd.


Renea - February 17

you can add me


srigles - February 17

You can add me, too - - pic is of myself, my dh, and our little guy in his carseat.


srigles - February 17

Oh, sorry, the name is Adrienne!


BreaunasMommy - February 17

I still cant add ppl I think because they havent verified my email address but Ive tried to do the thing where they send me the verification several times and its not coming to me.... You ladies can add me to yours my page is


BreaunasMommy - February 18

how long does it usually take to get email verification. They still havent sent anything. I am getting mad


vonzo - February 18

have you checked your junk or spam folder? Did you definately put in the correct email address? Sorry if that sounded patronising but i've mistyped mine a few times and wondered why i wasn't getting anything...maybe that's just me though :o)


BreaunasMommy - February 18

I did check my junk email and nothing. yea I already checked and double checked and reentered my email to be sure I did it correctly I thought to that maybe I enetered it wrong. I dont know whatelse to do. Maybe they dont send them on weekends? I have no idea


BreaunasMommy - February 19

Ok ladies I had to make a new profile my new one is I will add all of you


bradylove - February 19

add me too -


jilly01 - February 19

add me



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