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HeavenisMine - January 11

My week old son does not have a middle name. I guess we never thought of one, so he has a first and last name and that is it. Has anyone else run into this dilemma before? I want him to have one, but I was wondering if there is anyone else out there who did not give their child a middle name. I feel awful for it.


dmjdjw336 - January 11

There is no need to feel awful about that. It is ones own choice whether or not to give their child a middle name or not. I know plenty of people who do not have a middle name. A few are friends and one is my cousin. Her mom, also my cousin, just did not want to give her a middle name and she is fine with that. No one can tell you that you have to give your child a middle name for they can still function in the world with or without one. I hope this helps.


HeavenisMine - January 11

That does help a lot. I am a bit naive. I don't know anyone without a middle name. :) But at least I know that they don't need one. I like his name, and sometimes I think it's enough as it is.


jessb - January 11

My mom doesnt have a middle name. Its not really a big deal. If you think of one you like great, if not I wouldnt worry about it.


gabby509 - January 11

Yeah my mom doesn't have a middle name either. And she never cared either way.


HeavenisMine - January 11

That makes me feel a whole lot better! thank you ladies. I guess if I find something I like we'll give him one. Otherwise, he is fine just as he is.


jenna32 - January 12

do you have to pay to get one later if you didn't give 1 at the hospital?middle names are hard to flow togethor and still pick one you like. i just let the father pick my daughters since i picked the first name. i still am not in love with her middle name,i guess it sort of goes with her frst name, it's Macy Jade ... i won't write the last name on here. what is his first name or full name? maybe we can give some suggestions if you'd like.


DDT - January 12

A large majority of my family - both Dad's and Mom's side don't have middle names. It was just never a issue. I don't have a middle name, but my brother's (3 of them) all do...Jacques Marcel, Jaryd Grant & Jonathan Daniel. My two sons have middle names because they were Daddy's picks...Caden Martin & Jaxon Sawyer. I think if you find a name that really flows well with his first name or perhaps has some sentimental value (eg. My grandma died late last year, and we will honor her by giving our daughter - if we ever have one - her name, Alice, as a middle name). Good luck...and don't feel bad if your son doesn't end up having a middle name. Lots of people don't - including me - and I survived. Middle names are over rated...It's hardly used or referred to.


HeavenisMine - January 12

I know they can be overrated, they are cute though :) Wow so many more people who don't have them! it makes me feel better that my little guy isn't alone. I don't know if you have to pay for a name, that seems a little silly :) His first name is Taven, (Pronounced Tay-ven). What do you think? Cute names by the way DDT, I like Macy Jade too, I was almost tempted to give my daughter that middle name, but my hubby would not agree.


stefkay - January 12

HeavenisMine, I saw your name on the last post here and have been wondering how you are and if you had your son yet....looks like you have! Congrats and how is everything going with 2 kiddos?


jessb - January 12

Heaven- I absolutley love your sons first name- Taven!!! It is soooo cool and unusual. Its the kind of name i would love for a boy. But alas I have 2 girls and no more kids for me :o)


HeavenisMine - January 13

Stef I seriously love having two babies. It's a freaking handful but it's still awesome because I love them both to death, and he looks so much like his daddy, he's so beautiful. Anyway it is still a handful, but I can only imagine what it's like having three or four or fifty kids! Phew, I'd faint at this point. How is Ava doing? You're probably wondering how the heck she grew so darn fast. Phoenix is heavy as a truck compared to this feather weight. She is going to be my arch enemy teenager before I know it, ahhh! Ha ha..and thank you Jess b. When my husband picked it out I thought, awesome, this is going to be his name, and that is final. So sorry to hear you didn't have a boy, but girls are awesome too, so it's all good!


stefkay - January 13

That is so cool to hear :) We talked about it and we both want 2, I just don't know when I'll be ready to do the whole pregnancy, miscarriage worry thing again ya know? I don't want to wait more than 2 or 3 years because I just turned 33 last week and it is going to fly I know. Where did 6 months go? I have no idea, but everyone who said it would fly was right :) I LOVE girls and will be happy with either a girl or boy as my 2nd if I'm blessed to have one. If not, I have been beyond blessed with Ava. She is amazing!!!!!! She's sitting on her own now as I type. She's on her blanket on the floor next to me ploaying with her stacking rings. I can't believe we brought her home only a few months ago and she was teeeeeny! Have fun and keep me posted! I still have your email I think. I am on facebook a lot and myspace only on occasion. Is your email still the same?


margie - January 13

hey savannah! taven is an awesome name!! my mom's name was Mary and she never had a middle her name is my middle name and my daughters middle name! I don't think it was really a big deal actually, the only thing was kind of funny is if you looked at certain paperwork or licence it said "None" for her middle name as if that was her middle name. If you decide not to give him a middle name it will be fine.


Sprinkles - January 13

I would say try and make peace with him not having one - cause what the social security dept puts you through is not worth the name change lol .. a__suming your in the U.S ..I changed my daughters name to reflect her dad's last name and changed her middle at that point too since I didn't like how her then middle name sounded with her NEW last name lol well .. first changing it on the birth cert was a pain in the azz and they didnt charge for it you have I think the first year to make any changes,but then I tried to change her medical records to reflect it etc and they are like no she needs to have her social changed first so i tried to do that and it has been miserable .. You have to go to the S.S office to do it .. which you will sit there (here where I live) for 3 hours before they call you .. OR you can do it by mail which they want you to mail them EVERYTHING You own practically and they dont want copies .. or anything notarized it has to be the original .. so they want her Birth Cert showing the change,her SS card, then they want her Baptism record .. and her shot record .. (both to me is stupid cause I could put whatever I want on the baptism record and the shot is hand written) then she had the audacity to ask me to send my DRIVERS license .. umm ok and how am I suppose to drive? .. so i had to call her back and ask her if i could send my pa__sport and finally she agreed to that .. they dont want to make an appointment .. but then they want to make it hell to do via mail .. I mean COME ON they changed the Birth Cert .. it should be automatic .. or that should be enough they should have access to those records so why I have to jump through hoops to get it done is beyond me ... it has been a NIGHTMARE ... now that I have half of it done I have to finish .. I feel like sending her a blood sample too .. ugh .. Good luck whichever you decide - and the name you have for him is really nice by the way.


One GRIM Mama - January 14

I LOVE the name Taven! I used to roleplay online with the name Taeven for a girl character and I always wanted to have a daughter with that name. My Houdini AND our Stinkerbell both have TWO middle names, so maybe we stole someone else's middle names! LOL GRIM (aka Stinkerbell) started out as just GRM, but then CJ's nana pa__sed away.. We like to say she hung on to see GRIM, because she was fighting to live until she saw CJ's first sonograms. She spent the whole day talking to her and telling her all the wise-old-woman info she had on birth, babies, etc and told her stories about CJ's birth and CJ's mother's birth and babyhood. Less than a week later, we got the call that Nana was going into a bed at the hospital and declining fast. She was gone a day after that call. Her name was Iris, so GRM gained a second middle name and became GRIM. Houdini, on the other hand, got his second middle name from me. His father named him NRO and I added Thomas for my grandfather's brother, who died when they were both children, and for my mom's former fiance, who died when I was a teen. Houdini is happiest when the new teachers ask his middle name, because he gets to be "special" and have TWO. I'm hoping GRIM will grow up feeling just as lucky to have two. lol I think names in a traditional format are slowly going the way of the Dodo bird as more people realize they don't HAVE to give a middle name, or give only one.



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