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Felisha - January 24

we took so long to pick out the perfect name for our little dd but now that she is here in the world and has her own little personality i dont feel like her name fits her and i am kind of unhappy with it. any other nothers experience this.


ssmith - January 24

What's her name?


Felisha - January 24

her name is Ava dont get me wrong i love the name i just dont think it fits my daughter


Felisha - January 24

it wasnt MY first pick but it seemed to be the only one dh and i could agree on. she is more a madison or a morgan or fiona. i really liked fiona or olivia i really wanted to give her a unique name and i am afarid she will grow up and not like her name


ssmith - January 24

Funny that you should worry about her not liking her name....when it's you that doesn't seem too keen on it.


Felisha - January 24

was any other mother not satisfied with the name they picked out for their baby. i dont hate it i just dont think it fits her


ash2 - January 24

Well ava is the number one name right now in america....hmmm, iv always liked madeline, or alyssa, or kyrie ...


SonyaM - January 24

Felisha, you don't seem to be getting an answer to your question. I can somewhat relate to you. We had my first son's name picked out since before we were even pregnant and then at the last minute I was having second thoughts. I ended up being put under for my c-section and when I woke up dh had named our son Mitchell (what we had originally agreed on) and I was upset. It took me a while to warm up to it but now he could not be anything else. He fits his name to a tee. Give it some time I bet she will grow into it. I have met very few people who didn't fit with their name. Good luck.


ry - January 24

Oh girl, I can completely relate (sigh!). I wanted to name my daughter Gabriela or Olivia and dh and I could only agree on Isabella. I regretted it immediatley. Even Isobel or Isabelle I could live with but I am not happy with her name. I am sorry I am probably not helping here but honestly Ava was one of my top my names and it is gorgeous!


sahmof3 - January 24

I can relate. I did good with my first two, but not the last one lol. See, I really liked the name Justin (and still do) and that's what we called him when I was pregnant, but later I thought he was more of an Aidan or Austin. But, my older son was set on Justin and about had a fit when we mentioned changing it, so we kept it. I wouldn't say he's definitely not a Justin, in fact it does actually fit him... but I wish I would have chosen Aidan. *sigh*


jillianT - January 24

i still worry about this. i love the name fiona too felisha, but we chose naomi because it was something we could both agree on. i wanted claudia or lydia, but i honestly think naomi fits her better than those too. i'm still not 100% sold on it guess it's too late now!! dh wanted to name her georgia after his dad who pa__sed away not too long ago, but i just couldn't get into it for a first name. it's her middle name though, so we compromised. it took my son awhile to grow into Miles too.


Rabbits07 - January 24

The only two I regret are Randi (my youngest dd) and Alex (my next to oldest ds)...I only wish I had named them differently because Alex is just so common and Randi is always mistaken for a boy (on paper). Randi's middle name is Gabrielle and I wanted to call her that, but dh didn't like it. Alex's first name is James which is even more common that Alex....his middle name is actually Alexander and up until about 2 years ago I learned that he had though all that time that he had 2 middle names....Alex Zander. I actually like the name Zander and had thought about calling him that after that, but he was already used to the name Alex and I didn't think it would be easy to get a 6 year old used to being called something else. It's been my experience that most girl's end up not liking their name anyway so she probably wouldn't like it at some point and time no matter what you named jillian, my oldest dd is named Claudia and she doesn't like it.


SonyaM - January 24

Jillian, I have a neighbor whose little girl is named Georgia. She is precious and it fits her to a tee. Her sister's name is Ella and it fits her perfectly too. So funny how that works. BTW, I loves the name Miles. It's on the top of our list if we have another boy. (not pregnant though).


Felisha - January 24

i love the name ava i think it is beautiful. we setteled on it because dh liked it so much and we didnt think it was such a common name but then we found out it is in fact the # 1 name in america. i relly do think it is a beautiful name but i still dont think it fits her it so hard decided what to name your children when they will have that name for the rest of their lives


vonzo - January 25

We had picked out Laina if we were having a girl but then we saw her face on a 3D scan and she just didn't look like a Laina at all, so then we had Olivia or Amber...we both decided she looked more like an Amber so her name is now Amber Olivia. Does your lo have a middle name? Alot of people actually use their middle name instead of their first name these days.


CyndiG - January 25

I don't know how old your dd is, but as she grows and gets older, she will "grow" into her name. Her personality will emerge and I bet you she'll be and Ava! It's funny how as they get older, and you think about their names, that you can't imagine them named anything else! I have a dd Morgan, and another dd Carlie. I had the same thoughts about Carlie. I love the name and knew that would be her name, but when she first was born I wondered too. She's 6 months old now and is totally a Carlie. :O}


Emily - January 25

I am sorry oyou feel this way I am the oposite. I was not too excited about eiather name. I chose Mary cause it was my grandmothers name and she was very important to my sisters and I. one of my sisters didnt' even like ti at first. but once we have called her that, she is so a Mary. I love the name now even though so many people ask us what we call her,. like they can not believe that anyone would still use that name. I like it for that reason. It is common enough that people know it but she probably will not have the same name as anyone else in her cla__s. she si the only two year old that has that name that I know of. All the older people love her name, it is people my age that dont get it. Marcy's name I wa snot thrilled about but now that she is hear I love it. It is so close to MAry, but it still fitrs and I could not imagine anythign else. it was my dh great grandmothers name (Well Marcella was and they called her MArcy so we named our dd Marcella and call her Marcy....)



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