Nanny Question For 1 Year Old Please Help

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Amy_mommy - March 13

ok, i'm putting my dd at a babysitter home care m-f 8-6. she'll be 1 year old in april & i'm putting her there starting then. BIG QUESTION IS what do 1 year old eat? i know they're not on formula anymore. how much cow's milk is she going to be drinking in 24 hours? PLEASE HELP, LADIES. I'M SO CONFUSED.


jb - March 13

My dd is 13 months old. I give my dd 2 bottles a day (8oz each of cows milk). She gets one right when she wakes up and the other right before bed. Soon we will be transitioning to ONLY sippy cups, but for now it's bottles. During the day I give her water or juice in a sippy cup. As for food, I give her the same food that I eat. For example, grilled cheese (cut up), ravioli, pb&j, bananas, yogurt, oranges, cheese (string or american). I hoep that helps.


LisaB - March 13

jb- you give your dd peanut b___ter? Obviously she does ok on it. I would love to start ds on penut b___ter but ped said no nuts til atleast 2 closer to three. Did your ped ok peanut b___ter?


Amy_mommy - March 13

i'm so confused what i should cook her and bring her every morning beforei go to work. the babysitter has to re-heat food, that is. but don't know what to cook....


ashtynsmom - March 13

My dd is 13 mos old, and I am lucky to get ONE sippy cup of milk down her. She just WILL NOT drink it. I am thinking of resorting to chocolate!! I just supplement by giving her yogurt, cheese, ice cream... anything with calcium that I can. She LOVES cheese, so it is not a huge issue. The Dr said not to worry about it right now... As far as eating, she eats only table food. Grilled Cheese, mac & cheese, yougrt, applesauce, green beans, potatoes, chicken fingers, spaghetti, bread stix, bread with b___ter, fruit cups, waffles, pancakes, french toast ( she will eat breakfast food for dinner a lot, if I cannot get her take anything else) She is a very picky eater!!!


Kristin11 - March 13

I gave my dd 24 oz of milk a day or equal amount of calcium in cheese to add up to that amount (2 8 0z bottles or sippy cups of milk and 4 oz cheese and 4ox yougurt). My daughter loved oatmeal for breakfast at that age and i usually gave her diced veggies or spaghettios ect for lunch. make sure what ever you give them for lunch is nicely diced. My daughter loved crackers too.


Danielle19 - March 13

you could try those gerber graduate meals, there by the baby food, its kinda like a tv dinner then your babysitter can heat that up, that way you don't have to remember to cook and pack something


jb - March 13

Lisa, yes the ped gave the go ahead for peanut b___ter because there were no allergies in our family and none for dd. I was told to stay away from nuts because of the choking hazzard, but not because of allergies.



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