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emilysmommy - May 3

Can you all share your nap routines with your LO? My dd is 3 months old and I'm wondering the best way to establish a regular napping routine with her. How many naps should she be taking a day and for how I let her CIO if she doesn't want to nap? All info would be appreciated...thanks..:)


Ca__sieSong - May 3

At 3 months, your LO should be sleeping 15-18 hours a day. Mine never slept/sleeps the max of course. I don't know any that do! At 3 months, some babies will fall into a scheduled day of naps easily, while others won't. Mine finally naps easily (though sometimes shortly) 3 times a day, on schedule. She will be 5 months on May 10th. She was an extremely fussy newborn though, and fussy babies have a harder time falling into a schedule. This is what we do now: wake up 7AM. 1st nap at 9AM.. usually only lasting 40 minutes. 2nd nap around 12noon. This nap might last longer (1.5 hours), but if she wakes up after 40 minutes, I take her into the livingroom with me and she'll sleep another hour in my arms. 3rd nap is around 4:30 and will only be 40 minutes. Sometimes she surprises me and will take a long morning nap, but it doesn't happen often. I personally wouldn't use CIO until baby is 4 months. Once we used it (at 4 months) with our dd, we used it at night since she would wake up 3-4 times. She is a big baby and doesn't need to feed that often. Well, now she sleeps from 7:30-3:30 (eats 8oz bottle) and then sleeps from 4:00-7:00. Once she started sleeping better at night, her naps began to get better as well. Now she NEVER cries when I put her down for a nap or bedtime. If she goes down wide awake (or becomes wide awake after putting her down) she will perhaps "talk" to herself for some time before falling asleep, but she will not cry. Because of this, I do not make her cry if she wakes up early from a nap. I will take her and hold her while she sleeps longer. I think her naps will become longer as she gets older. Right now she is napping and has been asleep for over an hour. :-) As far as starting a routine, the best way to go about it is not to let your LO stay wake more than 2 hours at a time. If she wakes up at 7, then have her down for a nap by 2 hours time. It is best to get baby to a drowsy state when putting down for sleep. I used to have to give my dd her paci every time I put her down, but now she doesn't need anything. It took a looong time for us to get to this point (at least it feels like a long time) but now things are running a lot smoother around here. I'm sorry this was so long! Somewhere around 6 months, baby might need only two naps a day, but every baby is different.


LisaB - May 3

Ok too funny, my ds schedule is just about the same as Ca__sieSong. My ds goes to bed at 7pm wakes at around 12 and 4 for nursing. Then starts the day at 7am. He goes down for his first nap at 9 second at 12 and third around 3pm. I just read Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child and thats how we got on this schedule. I also just started letting him cry it out when we started the schedule. He will be 6 months May 10th. CIO has worked so well for us he'll cry maybe 2-3 minutes at naptime then hes out at night he still nurses to sleep so he won't usually cry at night if he does its only for a minute or two. I think 3 months is a little early for CIO but just my opion.


Sarahsmommy - May 3

I let my LO start her own napping routine and she didn't do that til about 2 weeks ago, she's now 5 months old. She usually sleeps for about an hour going down between 10-11 will stay up til about 1-2 sleep for about another hour, and then take another nap about 5 or 6. She still sleeps well at night going down about 8-9 and sleeping til about 7 or 8.


Jamie - May 5

My daughter is on this routine - She gets up at 7, eats breakfast at 7:30, plays until 9:30, takes her first nap until 10:30, has a snack when she gets up, plays til 12:30, eats lunch, plays at the table while I clean up, naps from 1:30 til 2:30, plays til 3:30, gets a snack at 3:30, plays until 5:30, eats dinner, then plays until 7, when she gets a bath, and she goes to bed by 8. If you watch your DD, she's most likely already trying to be on a schedule, but just needs a little help. Watch for signs like, she's a little quieter, or she's not moving as daughter tends to kind' out and stare at things when she's starting to get tired.



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