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Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - November 6

My daughter takes alot of naps, which I know is normal because she is still only 2 months. If she falls asleep and I wake her up, she gets really upset. She takes about 3-4 20-30 minute naps and 1 2-3 nap. At night she still wakes up every 1.5-2 hours. She is constantly eating, she eats sometimes 6 oz within a 2 hour period...and at night 2-3oz every time she wakes up. I was just wondering how many naps do your babies take, and how long? Is she sleeping to much during the day? Also If she takes a bath, I have to do it early in the morning or late at night because she sleeps 3-4 hours, wakes up to eat and then sleeps another 2-3 hours. I don't have a set schedule for her, she wants to eat here and eat there and never just eats in one full setting. I try giving her 4 oz bottles but the most she goes in one setting is 3 but she wants to eat more 30 minutes later. So my question about eating is how do I get her to eat in one setting instead of splurges?


docbytch - November 6

Welcome to my life too Nerdy Girl. We are having some of the same problems. My boy eats CONSTANTLY. But never enuf to satisfy him for much more than an hour. At night it's even's like he likes to have "little appetizers" all freaking night long... He wakes up just about every hour on most nights screamin for more grub! I am soooooooooooooo frustrated with it all. I am waiting to hear some "expert" advice on this too =-)


Cathy2 - November 6

All of that sounds like normal baby stuff to me, for a 2 month old that is. Crtainly you would not want to make e a baby eat more then what they are comfortable with at one is actually so much better for their digestion to do what your baby is doing, eating a bit at a time. As for the sleeping thing, I really believe in the first 3 months, every baby is different and will adjust in their own time. I know it' hard, as we all want our babies to eat and sleep on a schedule that's convenient for us, but my advice would e to let your baby give the cues for what she needs for the time being and not worry about trying to "schedule her" for another month or two at least...just my advice, take it or leave it : ) hehehe


jacobsmom - November 6

Hi, my boy will be eight week this Friday. I started with a "schedule" a couple of weeks ago. Every night we have a bath between 6:30 and 7. Then he watches Baby Einstein in his carseat (the Mozart one) for 20-30 min in a dim room. When he stops paying attention I go and feed him and then put him down. I feed him again at 11 (unless he wakes up earlier) and put him back to sleep. After 7 there are no more bright lights. I also started putting a ticking clock in his crib by his head. It works like a charm getting him to sleep!


wailing - November 6

At this stage it's hard to really have them on a routine. You can try to start one, but don't get frusturated if it doesn't stick. The best thing to do, is let ur baby lead the way w/ how much they eat, how often, and how long they sleep. You can write it down and see if there is a pattern that starts to emerge. W/ my lo, right around 6-8 wks he started to b/cm more predictable and then suddenly at 11 wks he was sleeping 9 hours. But, then at 15 wks it changed again. As long as your baby is gaining weight and is hydrated (enought wet diapers) then I wouldn't worry and just go w/ the flow for now. Overnite they suddenly decide to change.


angelinakai - November 7

My son is 6 weeks and he was doing the same thing for a while. My pediatrician told me to only feed him every 2 1/2-3 hours. I started doing that by distracting him when he would act like he was hungry with a paci or I would play, sing. or talk to him. If he was really hungry, he wouldnt be distracted and I would feed him, but usually it worked. He is sleeping so much better at night now (usually) and he eats more at one time. I NEVER make him wait to eat if he is really hungry. I think that is cruel. But by distracting him, I could tell if he really was hungry or not. Sometimes he wants to eat after only 2 hours and of course, I feed him. but usually it is about 3 hours now. Good luck!!! :0)


MelissaK - November 7

i tried shifting my baby to a 3 hour schedule last week which seemed to work well, she started taking more at each feeding and the 4 am wake up disappeared. Then the STUPID time change came along and I think we are back at square one. My DD is 8 weeks today, sleeps about 4 naps per day for 1-2 hours (the fourth is more of a catnap). She gets really p__sed off if we don't put her down too so it's hard to break the sleep cycle pattern - she wants to now go to bed at 6 pm! She drinks only between 2.5 to 4 ounces per feeding but she is gaining weight and her plumbing sure works well... lol. I do a "dream feed" at about 10:15 pm, which before time change was starting to keep her down until 3:30 am! Now she is back to the 2:30 am feed. Then she stays down until about 5:30 am and she makes all these fussy noises. I wait to see if she will fall back asleep, and offer a paci when she starts to get riled. I have been able to hold her off eating until 6 am, and then at 7 am she wants her nap. I want her to sleep until 7 am!!!


c_baer19 - November 7

My baby eats even more often than that, but I have been trying to hold her off a tiny bit if I can distract her by playing or something. At 2 months my LO was eating every hour, sometimes even less, but she is b___stfed so I'm not sure exactly how much she was getting. At night she was waking every 2 hours to eat, like clockwork. Now she sleeps for one somewhat longer stretch (only 3-5 hours) and then it is every two hours after that. She is 3 1/2 months old now! I would suggest doing the same thing I do and other moms seem to do, to try to distract the baby and hold her off from eating. Use the paci, play with her, etc., to keep her from eating as long as you can. (But, if she's actually really hungry, then feed her of course) It's normal for babies to eat this often this early, but I've had some success with the distraction stuff.. sometimes I can get her to go 3 hours, even!


c_baer19 - November 7

Oh, and as for naps, my DD only takes naps that are less than an hour typically, around 30 minutes, but lately has been taking better and longer naps occasionally. It gets better with time!


Malica - November 7

I'm glad I'm not the only one going through this. My DD (8weeks) sometimes spreads the 4oz we give her out so much that it blurs into the next feeding. Other times she takes the whole bottle and is perfectly happy for the next 2-3h. It makes going out even for a short time difficult because I may or may not have to stop to feed her one or more times. Needless to say I avoid going out with her.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - November 7

Yeah I have tried distracting her, but she is usually to hungry so the distraction lasts maybe 3 minutes before she is really mad and wants to eat, so of course I feed her. It don't really bother to much...its just I can never do anything unless she is sleeping, but really when she sleeps I try to because I don't sleep at night to well. So when my husband is home he helps while I clean and cook...but I would love having him come home to a clean house and with dinner ready already. He works late, so it gets harder for me because the time he gets home is usually my calm down time. But now I cook, eat, clean and its already bed time, and my husband does not put her to bed, she won't sleep unless its me the one putting her to sleep, if he tried she will be up in like 10-15 minutes, seems like she has to check and make sure I am there. Going out with her is hard as well. But since she can't latch, I bottle feed it makes it easier. Before when I was nursing I hated going to the car to nurse her while we were in the middle of shopping and had to leave the cart. But hopefully she will grow out of it, if not its ok too


Allisonc79 - November 8

Sounds normal too me, but just give it abt another month and your lo will get on a schedule. It took 3 mo for mine to sleep thru the night. Now she has 4 oz every two hours on the dot literally. I would love for her to eat every 4 hrs, but it is hard to make a baby eat when they aren't hungry or withhold food when they are. I pretty much tend to her when she needs to sleep/eat.



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