Nappin Question Please Help

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wv_red - July 5

Ok just like the t_tle I need HELP!!!! Lol okay so my dd is 5 wks old and here recentl she will not go down for a nap. Well she will cat nap through out the day when I hold her. She will catch one right after eating still attached. The thing is she is one cranky baby when she doesnt get one good nap in through the day. She sleeps really good at night but thte day is a totally different thing! I need some advise opinion anything to help her lay down during the day. Is it because it is light in the room?? She just gets so tired and these cat naps does not help her. Thank you ladies ahead of time!!


Crystal83 - July 7

You could try turning the light off, that helps my LO. And swaddling her in a blanket while nursing/bottle feeding may help as well. Do you have a swing or bouncy chair, that may help, I used to swing the carseat back and forth with my oldest until she would fall asleep and then just let her nap in there. Hope one of these ideas might help you out a bit.


ROBYN - July 7

The cat napping phase comes and goes my son is 4 months old now and he went thru that period where he would do like these 15 min naps thruout the day i was like WTF but hes never had his days and nights mixed. Now he does45 - 1 hr naps 5 times a day and is in bed for the night no later than 730pm. SO... have you tried swaddling?, a white noise machine? Maybe swing or bouncey chair? You could darken her room as long as she doesnt have the day and night thing mixed which by what you posted sounds like she doesnt. We have room darkening shades in his room which makes his room totally dark compared to the rest of our bedroom. So literally at 1 in the afternoon it looks like its 9pm. But he has no issues with it. That might be good idea to consider.


wv_red - July 7

Hi ladies thank you for the ideas!!! I think it is going to come down to blacking out the room. She seems to lik it when it is totally dark. Thank you again!!!!


mlm056 - July 7

Well, my DS is 1 yrs old.. and the napping thing didn't catch on for him until about 8mths!!! However, over the months I did learn a few tricks.. most importantly was a dark room. We also got a sound machine that played soft music or white noise -- was a great tool. I would hesitate using a swing or bouncy chair because it can be a lot of work to then transition them to the crib later on ... you can read some old posts of moms that are having a heck of a time after 8-9mths of using a bouncy chair/swing and now trying to break that habit. I would also recommend the book "The Baby Whisperer" by Tracy Hogg. She has some great recommendations -- I wish I had my hands on that book early on! good luck



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