Napping On Tummy Question

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emilysmommy - April 28

My 3 month old is a great night sleeper but is restless with her day naps. Well, I just discovered that she LUVS sleeping on her tummy! I was holding her after some playtime and when I had her laying across my lap she kept crying but when I'd have her on my shoulder in the burping position she would quiet right down and start sleeping so I walked over to the crib with her and gently put her on her tummy and she stayed asleep and is sleeping so soundly!! I'm just wondering how many of you also discovered that your LO prefers tummy sleeping and if it's safe? Thanks in advance..:)


HANNAHs Mom - April 28

Tummy sleeping is definitely a debatable issue. My first dd loved it too and I mentioned it to my pediatrician and all she said was "Don't do it"....of course she made me nervous so I waited it out until she was around 6 months. My 2nd dd also loved it and around 3 months I let her sleep that way. She was strong and had mastered head control so I was more at ease with this one. As far as safety goes, they said back sleeping is best.


newbie - April 28

my dd is a tummy sleeper too. its really the only way to get her to sleep for more than a hour. i've heard all the debates about it and i think is all a personal decision. i slept on my stomach as a baby just like my sister and my mother did too. i understand about sids but my dd was able to move her head on her own at about one week. ( i think it was because i had toxemia and they gave me steriods)


Rabbits07 - April 28

They do say that babies are at an increased risk of SIDS when put on their tummies to sleep. SIDS deaths have decreased by 50% since the "Back To Sleep" campaign was started. My first two babies slept on their tummies (that was before the BTS campaign), but none of my other babies since then have. I would rather be safe than sorry...but then I don't have a baby refusing to sleep unless it is on it's tummy. All you can really do is research that issue and make a decision.


krnj - April 28

My ds loves his tummy time too! He grunts and makes all kinds of noises on his back. He's 2 months and moves his head but I don't think I should take the chance.


C - April 28

I used to let my son nap on his tummy in the pack n play where I could hear him. Once he started rolling over I could not get him to sleep on his back anymore.


KLC - April 29

My son is a month old and he too loves to sleep on his tummy. I don't feel safe letting him do it at night but I do let him nap on his tummy during the day when I am up and around to check on his breathing every few minutes.



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