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shannan - July 7

How often should a 6 week old sleep during the day? Our pediatrician told us to only let our 6 wk old sleep 2 times for 2 hours during the day in order to make him sleep more at night. Well, thats not working because he falls asleep more than that during the day. Plus, he only sleeps for 3 hours in a row at night. So i was wondering how often other infants sleep during the daytime. Thanks!


Rabbits07 - July 7

I just don't see that ds sleeps more than that during the day and he is 3 months old! At 6 weeks old my ds was sleeping even more than now....he spent maybe 4 hours a day in a fully awakened and alert state. Also, waking every 3 hours is very normal for a baby that age. Besides that, they don't wake because they are not sleepy, they wake because they are I don't see that not allowing them to sleep in the day would cause them to sleep longer at night. When they are that young they need to eat often because their tummies are so little. That sounds like an odd doesn't surprise me that it isn't working. Your baby sounds like his sleeping habits are normal and I would just let him be until he gets older, then you can work on getting him to sleep through the night:-)


nic nac - July 7

hah, I don't see that happening. 6 week olds need to sleep every few hours. Is your ped high?? Seriously, that recommendation is for babies that are atleast 5 month olds. The best you can do is to have a consistent routine. Eat, activity, sleep. Whenever he eats, play with him or other activities and then sleep. When he wakes up again, repeat. It will help them be consistent and get familar with routines. And at night, when it's bedtime, eat and sleep with no activity. That will help him learn night and day and eventually he will sleep longer. He is too little to try and make him sleep longer at night cuz he gets hungry. He is totally normal but I don't think your ped is. LOL.



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