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Amanda N - October 4

I need some suggestions on getting my 5 month old to nap on her own. I will admit this is my first so I have done a lot of "damage' by holding when she sleeps. During the day she doesn't like taking naps and when she does she won't do it in her crib. As soon as I lay her in there she wakes up or if I lay her down to sleep in there while awake she screams until she makes herself sick. I love her to death but I can't take the no naps anymore or holding her...I feel like I never getting anything done. Any ideas??


BBK ® © - October 4

Well, most of the books I read seem to favor the idea of the baby day-napping in a place other than the night sleep. We use a cradle swing (papasan is the name I think) and it works most of the time, and sometimes it works too well.


Amanda N - October 4

I checked on what that was exactly and we have something similar and it doesn't work for us, she doesn't sleep in her swing either. When I say she doesn't like naps I really mean she doesn't like naps. :)


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - October 4

My daughter is the same way, she goes to bed at night just fine in her crib, but during the day she will not lay down for anything and my daughter will be 5 months Sunday. I have found that if I rock her while holding a blanket behind her (so it gets our warmth also) I can lay her in the ba__sinet in the pack n play. I have the boppy pillow in there so I lay her on that and she is still surrounded. I can only lay her down when she is asleep, if I lay her down while she is awake it doesnt work. You can try that, lay her head on the boppy pillow so that it comes around her. It is the only thing that will work for us. Oh and she will sleep in her highchair if it is reclined!


Rachael - October 4

I am having the same problems with my 7 week old. It drives me crazy. I know they say you can't spoil a baby that young, but you'll never get me to believe that. I cannot put him down to save my life or he wakes back up and grins at me. He will sleep for my family who baby sits him though. I am going to try the boppy thing. He will not sleep in a bouncy chair or swing either. He is trying to kill me. I get nothing done. I always tell him he is lucky he is so cute. These babies are super smart!


Jadyns Mommy - October 4

Oh, the boppy has saved my life. My daughter will not sleep without it night or day. Before we started using it, I could not get a solid 2 hours sleep out of her ever, now she can sleep for hours on that. Of course this has caused different problems because now she is completely dependant on it and I have her in a ba__sinet beside me at night but I want to put her in her crib. I am too scared to leave her alone with the boppy pillow in another room though. I guess you have to pick your poison... hehe


Narcissus - October 4

There is a boppy head support for babies that works well. Aja always enjoyed the comfort of it.


mom42 - October 4

You could try to "wear her down" in a baby sling. Strap her on, go about your business, then when she is asleep, lay her down. Dr. Sears' Baby Book has all the info.


Narcissus - October 4

That book is my bible:) I love Dr Sears!


Amanda N - October 4

She can fall dead asleep and the second she lays down she wakes up. And if for some reason she doesn't wake up it lasts maybe 10 minutes if I am lucky. I am going to talk to my husband tonight about getting a boppy pillow to try that. I have just about exhausted all my options I think.....??


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - October 4

I am not sure how well it works, but a friend of mine bought a boppy pillow cover (like $5 and then stuffed it with either cotton filling or small pillows) It cost a lot less so if you wanted to just try that and then if it works buy and actual boppy!


Amanda N - October 4

Thanks. I will check into that as well. Wish me luck!! :)


d - October 5

I used to walk around and sing twinkle twinkle for nap time but from 6 months he bgean getting heavier and my back and waist would hurt. On his own to lay on his crib he does not know how to drift to sleep. He needs me. My mother-in-law put him in the stroller and walked around the house acouple of laps and sang and it worked. I just let him play on the play mat until he gets tired/cranky and then I put him on the swing and put on baby einstein "Galileo" DVD about space and it has nice soft cla__sical music and twinkle twinkle and this has helped too. He watches, listens and then sleeps. I sing too and sit beside him and gently caress his hair. The DVD's have also helped me during his feeding times. He loves to watch it as he eats his cereal.


d - October 5

Also I give the pacifier for nap only. I just started doing this and he loves it. As soon as he sleeps he spits it out and sleeps in his crib without it. I never wanted to give it to him to avoid the cons but I gave in and started at 7 months and he accepted it the first day. There are pros and cons to pacifiers but for now it helps to get him to fall asleep.


Fabienne - October 6

My son naps on our bed...we're all fine with it. I usually hold him until he falls asleep - but I sometimes lay him on the bed and stay there , stroking his little bald head and holding his pacifier :))) until he falls asleep. Rarely, he'll fall asleep on his own.


d - October 7

Fabienne, in my oppinion if you will do this often and develop a habit your child will want to continue this for years to come. I wouldn't do it regularly.


Fabienne - October 7

Mmmm...good point d...what do you suggest ? Put him in different places everytime? his crib?



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