Naptime Put Down Awake Or Asleep

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squished - November 16

I usually rock my ds asleep for naps (or try to lately) and then put him is his crib. I've been reading that you should put them in their crib awake and let them put themselves to sleep, so I thought that I'd try it out. Well every time I've done that he plays and plays and plays and then after 30 mins. he'll start screaming to get out. Do you guys put your lo's to nap awake or asleep? How do you stop them from playing the whole time or do I just let him play and play and play?


DDT - November 16

I put my ds to sleep awake. I have since he was 5-6wks old and never had a problem with it. "They" say to put your lo down awake because that way they don't rely on you as a prop to sleep, and they learn to self-soothe themselves. I couldn't imagine rocking my 21 lbs 9 month old to sleep every nap and bedtime!! I guess some mums do it and it works for them but you have to make sure you can deal with the consequences it may have in the future when your lo is older and still needs you to go to sleep. Do you put him down after he's displayed sleepy signs? does he take a soother? I would suggest removing all toys from his crib until he learns how to sleep by himself. Try the PU/PD method if he starts screaming.


kristine - November 17

I used to rock him to sleep and then as I was putting him down, I would pray that he didn't wake up (as he usually would) when his body hit the mattress. At 4 months the pediatrician suggested that we start putting him to sleep awake and that he should actually see us put him down and walk out of the room. It took about a week (a very hard week) but he got it!! At 6 months our naptime routine is that I take him into his room, turn off the lights, turn on the humidifier, let him touch and hit the humidifier (his way of exploring it I guess). Then I walk around the room with him for a couple of lullabies and then I put him in, turn on him ocean wonders aquarium, tell him I love him, and walk out of the room. It all takes about a minute and let me tell you, it is soooooooooooooo freeing! It feels so good once they have learned to put themselves to sleep! Sometimes he will play and talk to his fish a little, but usually he is asleep within 5-10 minutes. Good luck whatever you decide!


suze42 - November 17

I have done it both ways...whichever works...sometimes they will go down by them selves...sometimes I need to rock. If you want to make it easier later but harder now...then put them down awake. If you want it easier now but possibly harder later...then just do what it takes. I personally enjoy rocking them to sleep...they grow up fast..believe me. You wont be rocking them to sleep when theyre 12 yrs old! lol.


JerseyGirl - November 17

I agree with Suze. I mostly rock to sleep for naps but once in a while put him in somewhat awake. I know what "they" say about putting them to bed awake, but I think Suze's right: they won't be 12 and still need to be rocked. It's much easier said than done to put my son to sleep awake. At night, he's asleep anyway as he drinks his last bottle so I have no trouble in that area: it's just the naps. I tried putting him in for this morning's nap awake and it didn't work. He got so huffy that he got the hiccups and couldn't fall asleep on his own so I rocked him. I actually love when he falls asleep on my shoulder. And there' no guarantee that he'll always need it this way, so I'm fine with rocking him. In an ideal world, babies could fall asleep on their own when you put them in, but this is far from an ideal world!


excited2bemama - November 17

I do both too. Sometimes I nurse dd to sleep... and sometimes I put her in awake. If she is put in the crib awake she will talk and play for 5-20 min before going to sleep if she isn't dead tired.


squished - November 17

Thanks you guys! I am going to try to put him to nap awake and see what happens. How long did you leave them in Including playing and or crying. If I put him in there and he plays for 45 mins. and then fusses for 30 minutes, do I just get him out then? What is the limit if they never go to sleep?


suze42 - November 17

this time around i just know when shes if i put her down and she fusses and plays for longer than a few...then i will rock her or whatever...Im not a strict schedule person...i go by if they are tired, if they are hungry etc...and really its pretty easy to tell....Im not gonna force her to sleep if she is totally not tired and you just can tell...she is a CRAB


MelissaK - November 17

I was able to sleep train our LO by about 4 weeks old. The first few weeks were AWFUL, I would spend the entire nap time in her room putting her to sleep. If the time had pa__sed for naptime I would launch right into the next "cycle" of the day and lift the blinds, feed her, have activity, then back to nap. I now get a HUGE grin from her when I put her in her swaddle and lay her down. She always goes down awake. I mostly did this by using PU/PD and slow gentle taps on her back, then when I put her in the crib, I would keep the taps up on her chest a bit. My DH followed the exact same approach. We don't use props either (no swings, etc.), although I do use the paci as you are supposed to use it to prevent SIDs. She does wake up still at 2 or 3 am, then at 5 or 6. She goes down at 7 pm. She takes about 4 naps per day, usually for close to 2 hours each time, sometimes a little bit less (except the last nap, I try to keep that one shorter). She's 9 1/2 weeks. I do think she has short activity time though, like she spends about 30 mins for the feed, then about 1 hour for the actual activity time. The right back for the nap! She's a sleeper I think!



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