Nasel Stuffyness

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Kerry - May 3

Just wondering if anyone has any ideals about colds my 5 week old daughter seems to be sneezing and seems stuffed but but has no temp or anyother symptoms It's not affecting her eating either should i hold out and see if It clears or take her to doc right away??? I'm a new mom and a little nervous,


Lisa - May 4

Babies have such narrow nasal pa__sages that they can easily become blocked. The commonest cause is a cold but even changes in air temperature and humidity may contribute to a baby's nose becoming partially blocked. You could try using saline drops to see if that helps. If it persists perhaps take her to see the doctor as it may be related to a blocked tear duct which can happen in infants and he/she may be able to prescribe something to help clear the pa__sages.


Kerry - May 5

Thanks she seems alittle better today not as plugged up we have a doc appt in a few weeks can you get the saline drops at pharmacy without perscription?


Lisa - May 6

Yes. You can buy the saline without a prescription, the pharmacist may be able to give you some of those small ampules, they are easier to use and also offer some advice in the meantime. Glad to hear she is a little better. :o)


Tracey - May 6

I have an 8 week old daughter and she had the same problem. Nasal stuffiness, sneezing and overall congestion. No temp though and she was eating fine. I didn't take her to the doc, but we did call just to make sure. He told me to use Little Noses saline drops and a cool mist humidifier. Also, you can put towels under one end of the crib mattress to elevate the crib a bit to help her breathe a little easier. My doc said it's very common for babies to get congested like that, especially this time of year because of the weather and all the allergies that everyone seems to be suffering from. Hope this helps!


Kerry - May 6

You've been great I'm going to get some drops today even though shes even better today just in case.


E - May 26

Nasal stuffiness in newborns is often caused by reflux. My baby has reflux and the milk ends up in his nose. His ped suggested 1 tsp of rice cereal per 2 ounces of milk. This thickens the milk so it is less likely to be spit up. It has helped my infant's stuffy nose tremendously.



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