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flower.momma - March 10

My MIL and I took Poppy and Flynn to Target today, and we stopped in the food court area so i could nurse Flynn and Poppy could have a snack. I got up to get napkins, and when I came back, my MIL said "that man is really creeping me out, he keeps looking at Poppy." Now, as much as I love my MIL, she's the kind of person that tends to think every kindly old man who smiles at my dd is a perve, she has her reasons. So I kind of blew her comment off. BUT then the man came and sat a table away from us, and holy c__p!!! He could not keep his eyes off of her. Yyou know when you can tell someone is just looking at your child because they're cute, and they like children, and maybe have children or grandchildren themselves? Not this guy. He was maybe 40-something, and looked like he lived in his mom's basement. He was just staring, leering at her with this creepy little smile on his face, and every few minutes would look up at me with this really hostile look, like "I'm not afraid of you." I was starting to get scared. I couldn't move because I was nursing Flynn, so finally I had my MIL take Poppy to the car. As I finally left, the man got up and sat down in the chair where Poppy had been and kind of "settled in". I was so wishing my hubby had been there to deck this freak. I kept checking behind us on the way home, he was that creepy. It made me sick to think about what must have been going through his head. I just had to vent and also to remind everyone that it is never too early to have a stranger-danger talk with your children. Also, would you have done anything differently? I am so disgusted, and it scares me to think that people like this are EVERYWHERE. It scares me even more to think that most of them hide it better than this man. I am resolving now and forever to judge first, learn the truth later. I would rather be humilated and wrong than have my babies hurt by some sicko because I naively thought that someone's intentions were good.


mosley12 - March 10

wow im so sorry this happened to you...a pediatrician once saw my son and told me he was cute and i didnt think anything of it til i found out he was convicted of child molestation now im freaked glad you were able to get her out of there!


Nerdy Girl - March 10

That is so horrible. What a creep! I wonder if saying anything to a mall security guard would have done any good. The guy didn't actually do anything to get arrested for though. But this is the kind of thing that once he does molest some kid, there would have been all these previous signs of odd behavior but nobody could do anything. That's what really p__ses me off about these sickos... nobody can do anything to them until they actually molest someone. Sick.


flower.momma - March 10

Oh ew, I would be so freaked out by that. I used to go to church with a man who goofed around with all of the preteen girls. Everyone just thought of him as a "character". His wife and my mom used to be friends, and he came over to our house a few times. Well, the year I graduated from high school he was convicted of soliciting a minor online. He was arrested by an undercover officer posing as an 8-year-old girl he was supposed to be meeting. In his van they found knives, rope and duck tape. It just makes you feel dirty to think that you've been around someone like that.


Brendansmom - March 10

I would have absolutely, without hesitation called the police. Even if they didn't do anything, hopefully it would make him think twice. And I wouldn't care about offending him either. It's our job to let the sickos know that we're watching THEM!


flower.momma - March 10

I also wanted to know, how should I talk to her about staying safe? She is 27 months old, and is pretty mature for her age. She has a free, outgoing, friendly personality, which I love, and she is also really sensitive. I'm not really sure how to approach the subject, and how to explain "stranger danger" without making her afraid. I want her to keep being the bubbly, talk-to-anyone, happy little girl that she is, but I also want to make her aware of dangerous people. I watched soooo many shows where they show that telling them never to go anywhere with someone who isn't mom, dad, grandma, etc. doesn't do a bit of good. I watch her like a hawk, but I have two kids to look after now, and I know that there are moments where I look away, and that anything can happen in a split second. Any suggestions?


flower.momma - March 10

I know, brendansmom, I was tempted to say to him "do you have a staring problem?" But I didn't want to make a scene. In the future I will contact security. I was trying to convey to him "I am aware of you, and I am watching what you are doing." by staring at him, but the look he gave me told me that he knew this, and didn't care. So gross!


Mellissa - March 10

I probably would have got my cell phone out, called the cops and said, "there is a sick freak staring at my daughter and he looks dangerous. Can you please come right away". lol. seriously. he probably would have gotten up and left.


Nerdy Girl - March 10

We explained to our daughter that sometimes there are people in this world who just aren't nice. We also told her that if anyone ever tries to grab her or take her somewhere she should yell "This isn't my mom!" or "This isn't my dad!" or "I do not know this person!" Because so many times people turn a deaf ear to kids who are just screaming because people think they are just having a tantrum because their parent is making them leave somewhere.


tnmommyof2 - March 10

I'm so sorry you had to deal with that. That is so scary! You did the right thing by getting out of there. At the Target where I live, there is always a security guard at the front door. I would have made a stop by there on my way out. I hate to think he's out there staring at another baby like that. I agree, it's never too early to have the stranger danger talk.


KLC - March 10

That just gave me the willies. That kind of thing scares the c___p out of me as I'm sure it does all of us. I agree that calling the police would not have been a bad idea but I can see where you wouldn't have thought of it at the time. I probably would have run out of the store b___b out and all. I hope that he was just some strange person and not a pedophile.


CyndiG - March 10

I would have done what you did, only when I sent my mom and dd out I would have LOUDLY said, "mom, take her out of here, this weirdo here seems to have taken a sick interest in her!" He would get the message! It's too bad you can't really do anything until they "do" something!


flower.momma - March 10

I wish I would have said something like that, but I didn't want to upset my dd. Also, it was one of those situations that was out of control before you even knew it began, and it was hard to think of things to do at the moment. Looking back, I wish I would have been more of a hard-a__s momma-bear, but at the time all I wanted to do was get out of there!


Kara H. - March 10

One thing I feel inclined to mention is that you need to also make sure that your child's definition of a stranger is the same as your definition of a stranger. I was baby sitting my nephew several years ago when he was about 3 or 4, but was a very ADVANCED conversationalist. I had him with me at the pharmacy and I dropped his hand for just a moment to dig for my wallet and he was gone. I found him talking to an older man around the corner and the guy was offering him candy and he took it!! I quickly got to him, removed the candy from his hand, handed it back to the guy and dragged him out of the store without even picking up the script I had just paid for. When we were outside the store, I started scolding him for A) running off, B) talking to a stranger, and C) taking candy from a stranger. With big tears in his eyes, he said, "But I didn't talk to a stranger! His name is Bob. He has a grandson who is my age and he has a dog named B___tons! " To him, because the guy introduced himself and was friendly, he wasn't a stranger. Needless to say, we had a long talk on the way home about who is considered a stranger. I even made a game that we played often were I would give him a senerio and he would have to tell me if was a "stranger" or "not a stranger".



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