Natural Induction

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Mary - March 15

You all just had your babies, so you would more likely give me better answers. For those of you who tried natural induction, ie. raspberry leaf tea, s_x, walking, castor oil etc. did it work for you? Please tell me what you tried and your experience from it and if it worked. I'm sooooo ready to have this baby and willing to try almost anything. Thanks again!!


Mary - March 15



olivia - March 15

as soon as you give up and know that the baby is never going to come out of you, it will happen the next day. that seems to be the trick... i walked, tried s_x, spicy food -- it took the dr. telling me it would be at least 2 more weeks to send me into labor the next day. good luck!


erin - March 15

sorry, but none of the natural induction techniques work. your baby will come when he/she is ready!


jg - March 15

We tried every natural induction method known to man (except castor oil as if's not supposed to be good for baby), but I went six days over and was induced at hospital. Sorry!


meagan1227 - March 15

i was due on dec 21st and tried rasberry tea and walking and none of them worked..i ended up being induced on my bday dec now me and my son have the same bday lol


Dre Eva Mom - March 15

I tried it all - starting 2 weeks before my due date. Nothing happened. Dr decided to set my induction date for my due date & I gave up trying to do it on my own about 2-3 days before my due date. I was supposed to go in at 6 am for induction & she came on her own at 5:47 am! Little stinker!


TRP - March 15

Well, for me, s_x did work, but I wasn't trying to induce labor. The s____n made me have a few contractions and I lost my mucus plug. That was about 4 weeks early, so we stopped having s_x. I eneded up going a week over my due date and had to be induced with pitocin and they broke my water for me. I didn't try anything else to induce myself because I was already dilating 4 weeks early and I was sure I'd be going really soon after, but like I said, I eneded up being overdue. Good luck though.


YC - March 15

I walked, drank rasberry tea and had my membranes stripped twice (by the dr. of course). I delivered on my due date after 57 hours of labor. Good luck. I know how it feel to want that baby out of your belly and in your arms.


C - March 17

I walked and it did nothing for me. I ended up being induced 4 days past my due date because my blood pressure kept going sky high. I hope to find out next time what it's like to go into labor naturally.


Lillie E - March 18

s_x was one thing, but the big thing for me was walking up and down stairs. i felt something walking down and i started having contractions within 10 mins... it was CRAZY!


Sarahsmommy - March 18

None of the natural induction things worked for me. The thing that finally made me go in labor was 2 days after my due date I had a doctors appointment and he said the "I" word if I didn't go by the end of that week. He also checked me to see if I had made any more progress. The next morning at 2am I started to spot and she was born that night at 6:59



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