Neck Odor

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K - November 14

My 2 month old daughter has a small area on her neck that is red and has a really bad odor to it. At first I thought it was formula that was dried in there but even after I give her a bath it's still there. It's in the little fold of her neck and it dosen't seem to bother her when I touch it or anything. Wondering if anyone else experienced this.


momma - November 14

when my daughter was little she had redness in the same area. allthough i never noticed an odor the method i used to treat it might work for you. I put a&d ointment on it and whenit seemed really red i put laninosh (lanoilin cream) on it or antibiotic cream(small amount) it wentt away quickly


diane - November 14

Not sure what it is, maybe a rash form getting milk in there before. For now keep the area dry and clean. See if the rash goes away. If it doesn't start to look better in 5 days to a week, it might be a good time to see the doctor.


CEM - November 14

The same thing happens to my baby all the time. He's pretty chubby so I think that's why, although I never really understood why it's only in one little spot on his neck and not all over. It has the odour and everything as well. I just put some zinc ointment there in a very thin layer every now and then, and it usually disappears (for a while anyway!).


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 14

Amaya has a yeast infection on her neck right now. She has to have special powder from her doc. Any other time we have used Desatin.


D - November 14

My friend told me the aea should be wiped often as she noticed my son's neck with fuzz from the clothes. She said she read it somewhere, that after eating just give it a wipe too.


Jbear - November 14

My daughter gets the same thing. I think it's because she drools a little when she eats, and formula runs down and gets caught in the crease of her neck. I wipe her neck with a diaper wipe after she eats, and if it looks really sore, I put aquaphor ointment on it.


Toya - November 14

Is the area wet looking like the skin is weeping and then crusts over? If it is, do NOT put baby powder on it. Asjani used to have bad eczema flare ups when she was 1-2 months old...and usually eczema occurs in the body creases. Elidel or hydrocortisone cream will clear that up within a day. Definitely have a doctor check that out. Eversince Asjani turned 4 months, she has not had a break out in her neck because her neck is much longer and the air flow is much better now.


JB - November 15

Both of my girls had that (both were little chubs too). Check with yours, but my pediatrician told me to you "Aquaphor" Healing oinment. It looks just like petroleum jelly and you can get it at any drug store. If it's from her drooling or formula, it puts up a protective barrier. It should clear up in a couple of days if not sooner.



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