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hrsmith - April 19

i need some friendly advice from you guys. My son is 6 months old and weighs almost 18 lbs. He was born a month early and weighed almost 7lbs. Neither my husband nor myself are very large people. I don't feel as though i am over feeding him but then again, i am a first time mom. I just get irritated when everybody tells me how big he is. I usually reply, "yes he is a very HEALtTHY, happy baby!" He drinks 5 oz every 4 hrs. I feed him rice cereal with some fruit in the AM and in the evening i feed him rice cereal with a veggie. I don't feed him all of the fruit or veggie in one sitting. I split it in half. I guess I am just wondering how much your babies eat, and how big are they???


AudreyS - April 19

Your son is completely normal, my 4 and a half month old weighs 15 pounds 8 ounces, and eats anywhere from 6-8oz...Every 4 hours, as well as rice cereal in the am. a veggie for lunch, and fruit for dinner....


SonyaM - April 19

My son is also six months old and I would guess he weighs about 19 pounds but he is very very long. I don't think you are overfeeding your son at all. My son drinks 8 ounce bottles about every 3-4 hours during the day and usually one during the night. He eats cereal in the morning (a lot) and a veggie at night (the entire container). My son will refuse a bottle or solid if he isn't hungry so I don't think you can really overfeed them. My friend has two children that were both big as babies and she hated it when people commented on this. It is easy to take it personally. Try not to and remember that you know what's best and as long as you or the Dr. aren't concerned then don't worry about what others think.


hrsmith - April 19

Thanks a bunch. I just needed a little rea__surance:)


Bonnie - April 19

I'd say he's quite normal. My son is 12 weeks old and last week he measured in at 16 pounds 4 oz. That is off the normal chart in the 97th percentile (my little piggy) but he only JUST got out of the normal range. So yours has to be in the normal range somewhere. :) .....P.S. My son has a reflux problem and comfort fed which is why he is so big.


nic nac - April 20

hrssmith i don't have advice on feeding cuz my little one is still only on formula but i understand your frustration about people's comments. I don't understand why people do that. babies are little adults. we are all different shapes and sizes and so are our babies. every baby is different and grows in their own way.



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