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LisaB - January 25

ok we are supposed to be leaving tomorrow to see my sister (she had her lo on Jan 3rd and I haven't seen him yet) anyway her 7 year old is running a fever of 101. My ds just got over an ear infection that stood up to 3 rounds of antibiotics so do we cancel our trip?? We had to cancel the first time we planned it cuz of ds ear infection then we cancelled last week due to my workers (and bf) grandpa dying. If we don't go this weekend then we won't be able to get away for probably a month :( So I know it is best if we cancel and not risk ds getting sick but on the other hand I really would love o get away and see my family. Thats selfish isn't it.


ash2 - January 25

Hmm, thats a tough one. Did you ask her if she was contagious ? I really dont know what i would do because i have been in your situation before. And i think i went but kept DS very far away. You cant really keep them in a " bubble ", but i sure wish i could sometimes, lol


kellens mom - January 25

Did you consult with you sister? I would think she would be more worried about her baby getting something from her 7 year old then from your son. If she thinks you should still come (family is priceless even if they bring disease!), ask her if she would be offended if you brought clorox wipes just to keep ALL germs at a minimum. (that way no blame is placed on either child). I really think the decision is both of yours.


Lisastar9 - January 25

I would bring a theremetre and tylenel pain relief. Where you are going can you visit the dr if need be. Someone said to me you can't stop living just because such and such is going around. Bring some hansds sanitizer too. Not much more you can do. I say have a good time.


rl- - January 25

well kids can be running a fever one day and be fine the next so I would guess if you don't go he will be all better....and if you do go well he most likely will be sick still when you get there so I would say just go I am sure by the time you get there hopefully he will be better....take sanitizer and keep them apart as much as you can and also the 7yr old will most likely stay in his room in bed if he is not feeling well....


LisaB - January 25

I talked to a nurse at my peds office and she said as long as there is a fever its contagious. My ds is finely heatlthy and doing great so thats why it would suck to take him there and go through him being sick again. I know we can't live in a bubble but this is pretty much a guarentee that my ds will get ill. Stuff spreads like wildfire in her house.... Augh am so sad missing my fam, my mom is htere also and we didn't get together for xmas due to the baby.


LisaB - January 25

please more advice....


Danielle19 - January 25

could you ask the doctor to give your lo more antibiotics to take while he there maybe that would keep him from getting anything, or maybe you could stay at a hotel to keep the exposure to each other at a minimum but still see your fam.


LisaB - January 25

Just talked tomy sister and she went to the ped it is a three day virus of fevers headachs and body aches so my nephew will still be contagious tomorrow. :( Guess we aren't going.


kellens mom - January 25

At some point you just have to say "it was not meant to be for a reason". Maybe some rich guy will walk into your baby store on Saturday morning and buy everything in sight. Wouldn't that be wonderful! I know you are disappointed though...


Kara H. - January 26

Could you make the trip without your son? Could grandparents watch him? What about staying at a hotel and taking a sitter with you so you can go visit cand leave your ds out of harms way?


BriannasMummy - January 26

Hey LisaB. In the cases with me.. when my daughter had a fever it either meant she had an ear infection or a cold in her eye. These infections arent contagious. My doctor says that usually in most cases a fever means your body is fighting some sort of infection and that it doesnt necessarily mean they will be spreading sickness like wildfire. My brother in law had a pretty high temp. a couple of weeks ago when my girls were spending the night at his house (found out after the fact) and both of my girls are nice and healthy with no sickness at all. Your sister is right in the situation.. I would call her and see what she thinks. Hopefully you get to go on your visit to see your sister! ~Kristin~


LisaB - January 26

Ok I think we are going to go. I am never this wishy washy but I really don't know waht the right thing to do is. Am I being to emotional and not logical or am I over reacting and should just go and enjoy. PLEASE someone tell me. AUGH.................... oh her ds woke up this am with out a temp and is playing and feeling great. He has only had a temp the last two days right around 2 in the afternoon (weird huh) the ped (she saw him yesterday) said its a three day virus with low grade temps on and off. HELP ME


kellens mom - January 26

Just go and have a great time. Take the clorox wipes and the hand sanitizer. You will have such a nice time with everyone.


BriannasMummy - January 26

I agree with Kellens mom.. go and have fun.. things will be fine. ~Kristin~


sahmof3 - January 26

Sounds like everyone is getting better there. It should be ok. I agree with the others... have fun :-)



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