Need Advice About Chapped Skin

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ElizabethAnn - February 19

so, My son is almost 3 1/2 months, and he has started teething. He has SO much drool all the time and it always comes outta his left side of his mouth, hehe! so cute! So my problem is, on the side of his mouth where he drools all the time, its getting all chapped and red! I have no idea if i should put something on it or not?!?!! lotion? Vasaline? anything? leave it alone? I'd love some advice from you experienced mommies! Thanks!!


aurorabunny - February 19

My son has horrible chapped cheeks, and dry arms....the Aquaphor Baby is really helping us. It's kind of like half vasoline half lotion...we just get it at the local drug store. Hope that helps!


Nerdy Girl - February 19

I was going to say aquaphor as well. Once it gets better and you don't need something quite as thick you can try Eucerin. My son is going thru the same thing now too -- red chapped face.


Erin1979 - February 19

Gerber makes a product that comes in a tube (looks like a giant chapstick) called Teeny Faces. I use it for my daughter all the time. It's not greasy, and works great! It's only about $5.


SuzieQ - February 19

I've been using Lansinoh - the nipple cream I was using when she was first born. It's a great barrier cream and is natural, so I don't worry about her ingesting any fragrances or anything :)


Carla - February 19

Baby Aquaphor...Its expensive but sooo worth it!!!!


AshleyB - February 19

A&D ointment I think would work good.


LisaB - February 19

I love Baby Aveeno- When my ds gets chapped I will put this on and its gone in a day.


mandee25 - February 19

LisaB, I love the Baby Aveeno too and even use it for my face when it gets dry since I have sensitive skin. Johnson and Johnson has a new product that looks like a small deoderant stick called soothing naturals soothe and protect balm. You can use this stuff on baby's face or lips and it works good!


dy - February 19

definetly aquaphor


nickie13 - February 19

My 4 month has the same problem, I use Johnson soothing naturals balm it works great and fast.


ElizabethAnn - February 19

Thanks ladies!!



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