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Karen S - May 31

For the past 3 nights, my son has been so upset between the times of 7pm til 10 pm. It has happened at the same time for the past 3 nights. If I put him in the bathroom and run the shower the noise calms him down a bit but after awhile he crys again. Last night we put him in his crib and let him cry for 5 min and then went and got him when he didn't settle down and he went right to sleep in my arms. He must have worn himself out. He is 4 weeks old today and before the past 3 nights he's been great but why between these times? Any suggestions or reasons why this is happening? Also I have been giving him gas drops too. Please help


SonyaM - May 31

Hate to say it but it sounds like colic. Try a vibrating bouncy seat, swaddling really tightly, singing to him, taking him for a car ride, or sitting his carseat on the dryer while it runs. You might try infant tylenol, only because there are some who say colic is really a baby having a migraine headache. Who knows really. Congrats on your little one.


SarahB - May 31

My son will be 4 weeks tomorrow and he also has been doing this. From about 5 to 8 he screams like that he will calm down for small periods through out (5 mins or so). But after 8 and his last bottle before bed time he calms down a lot then I give him a bath and put him to bed. I think it is my son's way of getting his energy out and getting ready to sleep but I dont know for sure. But look at it this way if your son is perfect all day long, at least you know what time to expect the evil baby (j/k) to come out.


Karen S - May 31

Ok thanks to the both of you but I have tried everything and to tell you the truth all he does is sleeps all day and then does this from 7-10 then sleeps good through the night. He wont even nurse from me through those times but he will eat from a bottle but he will nurse during the night and day. What else can I do I feel for my little guy


SonyaM - May 31

Colic is just one of those things that you have to ride out. It is almost always gone by at least 12 weeks. If it would make you feel better, call your Dr. tomorrow and explain what he is doing. I really doubt it is anything other than colic because of the time of day it is happening. Since you are b___stfeeding, have you changed your diet at all? Is he constipated? Have you changed formula or recently started giving formula when before you had only b___stfed? Just a few thoughts....


Karen S - May 31

No I haven't changed my diet and I dont use formula. I will call my doctor tomorrow and ask though. Will this happen every night?


SarahB - May 31

I totally know how you feel. My son sleeps a lot thru the day he is usually up an hr or 2 before he eats and while he is eating and then he goes back to sleep during the day. But once 5 hits nothing will calm him down. Then at 8 I feed him and he gets ready for bed and then sleeps until 4 am or so. I have no idea what to do to help my son or yours, but I know how you feel for those 3 hrs I feel like the worst mom on earth because nothing calms him down. So if you do figure something out that works let me know.


Karen S - May 31

I will thanks:) One other thing though when he eats through the day he only eats for like 10 mins at the most and then falls back to sleep. Im sure thats not normal.


SonyaM - May 31

Karen, yes unfortunatley if it is colic it most likey will happen about 3-5 times a week. The good news is that it's happening in the evening verses in the middle of the night. Also, it will end by about 12 weeks if it is colic. Just comfort baby during that time, but remember he will be okay if you need to put him down for a few mintues to take a break. It is hard I know. My first son had colic (not too bad, but still colic). My second baby has been angel from day one. Each baby is different. I'm sending a hug your way and "this too will pa__s". Good luck.


RB - May 31

hi karen; my son did this at age too and at first i thought it was colic - but it was just a phase... it peaks and gets the worse at 6 weeks and then you will notice a drastic improvement after that... what i found was that he needed (and wanted) an earlier bedtime... if you start him on getting to sleep at an earlier time and sleep training him asap, he will learn earlier to be a good sleeper.. we used to call it his fussy time until we realized that he did not want to or need to be up until 10pm... try putting him to bed earlier and see if it improves... also, if he won't go down to sleep, if you have a rocking chair, get comfy in front of the tv and have a good snuggle... he might pa__s out for a bit and get a little well needed nap... good luck to you!


Karen S - May 31

Thank You so much for your help:) I really appreciate it


Cat - June 1

It sounds just like what we went through, it ended up being reflux. Many doctors say colic *is* reflux. If it continues or gets worse you might want to speak to his pedi. Our son slowly got worse, until it wasn't just a few hours at night. Instead, all day long. Have you noticed anything else...spitting up, poor sleep habits, arching back, preferring to be held upright...? Reflux signs vary, some are 'silent refluxers', some are 'happy spitters', some are...well, very obvious. Good luck.


ChannY - June 1

Oh it's a colic to me..been there done that with my dd when she was around 3 weeks til about 3months..ugh..nasty! i gave her gripe water and than rock her*swaddling*..or else put her in a helps calm her shes almost 14 glad im done with a colikcy baby..its not pretty! lol. good luck with yours.


Heather F - June 1

My baby went through a fussy stage also and I found the only way I could get her to settle down was with the Vacuum, I was holding her and cleaning the house and I realized when I vacuumed she stopped crying so I put her in her bouncey seat and turned the vacuum on, it worked like a charm!


pbj - June 1

It could be colic. My dd never had colic but went through a fussy hour at night during that age. It can just be he's over stimulated, which you can head off before it happens but trying to read when he's tired. Also like others have said white noise really helps; the vac_m etc...I used a sound machine. They are just starting to really wake up to the world and have a hard time blocking out noises. So, turn off your t.v., radio anything that could have sudden noises; white noise is the best, anything that has a rthym to it...dishwasher, vac_m, cla__sical music sometimes helps; I keep my sound machine set to the sound of the ocean...worked everytime.


Karen S - June 1

Ok so now he has started it today, he wont latch on and eat he just cries. What do I do I dont want this to be an all day thing.


YC - June 1

To be on the safe side I would take him to the ped. to be checked out. It does sound like colic (which my daughter had for 10 LONG weeks) but now not wanting to latch/eat something may really be bothering him like an ear infection or something that you can't see.



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