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Zack's mom - November 11

My son is now 2 month old. All of the sudden he started begging for pacifier this week. I have been giving him the Avent pacifier because of the shape, which I think will be good for his teeth in future. But somehow, he keep spitting it out. But when I gave him the green Soothies pacifier, he sucked on it until he sleeps. He had only used it once in the hospital when he was a few days old and I never give him any pacifier until now. How can he remember Soothies? Is Soothies pacifier good for babies? What are you using and why?


Jamie - November 11

We use a Mam pacifier. Your son might not actually remember the Soothies pacifier, he might just like the shape better. Even at that young age, babies have their own definite likes and dislikes.


Zack's mom - November 11

Dilemma - So, should I just give him Soothies or try to have him get used to Avent?


Jamie - November 11

It's up to you. Is h bottlefed? The soothies paci looks to be similar to a bottle nipple, whereas the other one is more like a natural nipple


chelsey - November 11

My son uses the Soothies pacifier from the hospital. He wont take any other one, and I'm afraid that if it gets lost or something, I wont have a replacement for it! Can you buy the Soothies anywhere?


Rachael mommy2lucas - November 11

At first my son liked only the soothies. He only takes a paci at certain times. I wish he would take it more often. Now he only likes nuks. I would just let him have whichever one he likes the best. Chelsey, I have seen soothies at Wal mart and toys rus/babies rus!


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - November 11

Look into the gerber soft center silicon paci. It is shaped like almost all bottle nipples and it doesnt suction cup to their face.


To Chelsey - November 11 My son was the same way and we ordered a case of them.. LOL You can get other colors than just the green also.


Jbear - November 11

Target sells those green pacifiers they use at the hospital. I wish my daughter would take a pacifier now and then, but she refuses.


Zack's mom - November 11

Since I only have 1 and need to stock up on a few Soothies. I live in Seattle and I could not find Soothies anywhere! Not in Babyrus, Target, Safeway and Fred Meyer. I will try Walmart, Walgreen and Bartell. Last resort will be to buy online from Interesting that they also have the Wabbanub. Zack do not use the pacifier often. When he starts to fuss, drool and pant a little and put his fist into his mouth, then he's telling me he needs his pacifier. I am trying not to let him get use to any pacifier, if I can. My sister-in-law had 2 sons and they only use the pacifier to the minimal and eventually don't use it at all.


chelsey - November 11

Zack's Mom ~ Those are the exact pacifiers I'm looking for! And they are cheap! Awesome! Did you see those WubbaNub's? They are the cutest!


Zack's mom - November 11

I know! Hehe.. I found the website from the pacifier itself. When I saw the WabbaNub, I know I must have it!! The person who invented this is brilliant cos it's frustrating to keep popping soothies back into his mouth. Check this our too -


chelsey - November 11

I see that the pacifier has the website on it! Duh! I guess I should've taken a harder look! I'm gonna get me one of those WubbaNubs! (Well, for the baby!)


I got soothies - November 11

From Walmart. They are like $1 for 2 where I live but prices may vary. They are a godsend if your littleone won't take anything else.


Sarah - November 13

Are diffrent shapes of pacifiers better or worse for baby's gums/teeth? Or is it just for diffrent nipple shape prefrences? My baby is 1 month old ... I've heard you shoud try not to get your baby used to a soother too early or it can cause buck teeth. Is there any truth to that?


david t - December 15

Soothie in Seattle: They sell them at Pregnant Pause in Madison Valley


jen327 - December 15

I am using MAM. I used to like NUK but he got his finger cought in it and screamed. I liked MAM because he can take it out and put it back and it does not have a right side up.



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