Need Advice On What To Do About My Cats Please

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Jenn... - October 16

My cats were my babies before Blake was around. I cherished them so much, I still do...kinda. I never had any problems with them before bringing the baby home. Now it is a different story. There have been many different occasions that they have p___sed out of their litter box. Once they even went in the basket beneath his stroller, and another time they went in his laundry basket of folded clothes that just came out of the wash. Any day now he will be crawling and mobile. I am thinking about getting rid of them, but I love them. I am so torn, I don't know what to do!


Jbear - October 17

Sometimes cats pee in the wrong place because of bladder problems. It sounds more like they're jealous of your baby, though. Maybe they could become outdoor cats. Oh, to take the cat pee smell out of the laundry, add some plain white vinegar to the wash when you add the detergent.


Chloe - October 17

We have cats too, they freaked after the first baby and started doing exactly what your cat is doing. Except for p__sing on fresh laundry, that's an automatic trip to a kitty adoption agency. They are father and son and the youger of the two does not like the baby at all. The older tolerates the baby and is more willing to be stroked by her. We CAN NOT stop him from p__sing, he is just freaked out. Instead we have limited where he can go in the house, fortunately the master bedroom suite has a door at the end of the hallway. It also has my office which is now the baby's room, so I am able to keep them out of it too. It took some time but now both cats know that they are not to come down that hallway. Even when the door is open, they stop at the entryway. Maybe you can teach your kitty which parts of the house are off limits. We did it by simply blocking off the places they should not go. Oh and I get the c___pets cleaned OFTEN. The black light has become my best buddy for spot cleaning. (Cat urine glows under black light) If you go around looking for it like that, please brace youself. You will probably find way more than what you are looking for. I know I did. Best of luck to you.


Jenn... - October 17

I thought about putting them outside and making that there home, but I am too worried that they would get run over - I would be so devastated if that happened. When I first found out I was pregnant I immediately stopped letting them in my bedroom and in the room that was to become Blake's. The first time they peed out of the box was on his stroller basket, when that happened I said "If they do it again, I will get rid of them". And of course there have been many occasions since then. His freshly cleaned laundry though, that has been the worst. I think I need to find them a new home, I just don't know if I have the heart to do it. One of them is so gentle with Babies I was really looking forward to watching him be Blake's best friend :(


Angela - October 17

It could be that they just need some time (although I realize how frustrating it is to have them peeing on things). Are you able to find time to give them attention and affection the way you did before. Perhaps they are just trying to get your attention because they want your affection. Also, talk to your vet, he/she may have some suggestions that have been known to work well. Giving them up is tough, but only you can decide what is best. But keep in mind that full grown cats don't often find homes through shelters, they are often put down as they can't keep them in the shelter that long. So, if you go that route, you might want to find a home for them on your own rather than through a shelter


Shelly - October 18

I f you really love your cats you will have more patience with them,they also have to adjust to the new life and probably you have not been giving them enough attention.The laundry situation sucks,but you can put it in the washer right away.Spend more time with them and they will behave like the kitties you knew before you had the baby.Also it is hard to find homes for adult cats,i volunteer for our humane society and it p__ses me of when people get rid of their pets b/c of a new situation (new baby/divorce/moving to an other state blah blah) like i said,IF you care you will have more patience with them,your baby will do thinks like that too,or sometimes it will leak through the diaper,you're not goiung to get rid of the baby right? Now if it is aggresive,or they do something to hurt the baby,thats a different situation,the baby comes first of course,but peeing on laundry s no reason for me,but thats my personal opinion and i get these cases waaaaay to often.Scold them,train them and spend quality time with them.Thats the only advice i can give you.(i have 6 cats)


Kathryn - October 18

My cat left the house when I found him sleeping in my son's crib. At first I just put him outside, but the my brother in law offered to take him. Now, I would like to find a home for the dog.


Alycia - October 18

Like Shelly, I volunteer a lot at a no-kill humane society. She's right - adult cats take FOREVER to get adopted... many of them have been there for over two YEARS. Have you heard of Feliway? I used it last year when I got a new cat, and it seemed to work. You can either get a spray bottle (like non-aerosol hairspray) or a plug-in diffuser (like a plug-in air freshener, but nearly odorless). It's made to smell like the scent glands on kitty's forehead - you know how they rub their heads on things to "mark" them? Apparently, that scent (imperceptible to humans) helps make kitties calmer in new situations. The first few days I had the new cat, there was chaos, but right after I got the Feliway stuff, everybody calmed down. I also use it when I move, and I give the cat carriers a squirt when I take them to the vet. I'm definitely planning on using it when my baby comes home. Also - are you able to clean the litterbox as much as you did before you had the baby? They may be upset if it's not up to their usual standard. I'm so sorry this is happening, and I hope it gets better in time. There are a lot of really great resources on the internet about cat peeing problems, too - give them a try. I have a lot more advice, but I don't want to waste everyone's time.


twist - October 20

That Feliway stuff is excellent, and really seems to work. I used it to take my cat on a plane trip, after I had used sedatives from the vet for the first trip and she freaked out and lost all control. With the Feliway, I just sprayed her carrier with it, and when we got to the other end, she was so calm it was amazing. At the new house I sprayed it around and she settled in so quickly. I would definitely recommend trying it.


Jenn... - October 20

Thanks for all the advice ladies. Shelly you need not compare my son to my cats, it simply is not the same and there is no comparison, but thanks for your thoughts anyhow. This is really become a safety/sanitary issue for my son, and his needs come first! Taking my cats to the humane society is the last thing I want to do, and if it came down to getting rid of them I would do my best to adopt them out on my own. Thank you for suggesting the Feliway, I will give that a try.


Amaya's mommy aka Stephanie - October 20

I know here in Arkansas we have retirement communities and they love pets. They are not nursing homes but more like apartments that only retired people can live in. I had a friend that had 3 cats (not kittens they were like 4 or 5 years old) and she took them there and put up an ad and in like 2 weeks they had all been adopted. She knew that a widowed older person would love and take care of them just as much (if not more) than she was. And remember, ususally if you get someone like that you can go visit the cats! Older people who live alone love visitors! Just a thought!


Alycia - October 20

Jenn - I'm not sure you can get Feliway at too many stores. I couldn't find it in my area, so I bought it online. Hope it works for you. Stephanie - Your idea of adopting the kitties to older people is a really good one, but sadly many of them don't outlive the cats. I'm living in a converted retirement community now - they just opened it up to all ages - and I had to adopt a gentleman's kitten when he pa__sed away - no one else would take her. If someone does give an elderly person their cat, just make sure the new owner's relatives or landlords know to contact you in case the worst happens. That way your kitties won't end up in the humane society ater all.


karine - October 21

i have had my cats for 4yrs now. and they are my "loves" and love em alot. when daughter came along a yrs after they were born, i payed less attention to them,and they let us know that. we tried to pay more attention. and then my son came along, and even less. they were acting mischievious. and it made me hate them at times. now we moved in a new place. and i started home daycare. so its hard, but fortunatly they are good with the kids and never clawed one.they are teddy's LOL. we thought of how much time we were giving them, and they would chase us, mewling for attention. LOL me and hubby baught them a huge condo LOL they love it, and its a place just for them (well besides when rabbit disturbes them LOL) and at night when kids go to bed at 7pm, me and hubby site down and watch tv, they sit on us and have all the cuddling they need. And sometimes we'll chase them around play fight . they have learnt that their time is in the evening, and they are content with that. they sleep and cuddle to the kids during the day. to to find a perfect time in the day and give them attention, spoil them! they may get the idea your busy and htey get a certain time for attention.


Shelly to Jenn - October 21

I did not mean to sound "b___hy" and compare your son to your cats,eventhough you CAN compare "pets" to little children.They can get jealous easily and its a though situation,especially when you are exhausted and of course most of the time goes to the baby,D/H maybe even yourself and last but not least get some sleep.I know it's hard,my pets where not to thrilled on sharing time with the baby and ( i also have 2 dogs),i keep the house clean b/c of sanitary reasons of course.I will advice you to give it a try and if it doesnt work find homes for them,i understand you can not let your baby crawl over the floor while the cats are urinating outside the litterbox.The Feliway stuff is excellent,make sure the litterboxes stay clean,spend moere time with them,and if you have more questions here are 2 phone numbers you can call for personalized advice and its free: ALL PETS 1800-462-7413 and CATS INTERNATIONAL 262-375-8852, they specialize in improving and solving (feline) behavioral problems.Good luck!!



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