Need Advise On 4 5 5 Months Old Feeding

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QQ - May 28

Hi ladies, I need some advise on feeding 4/5 months old baby. My ds is about 4 and half months old now and I just started feeding him rice cereal w/ spoon twice a day. My ped says not to cut down the amont of br___tmilk/ formula while starting solid but it kind of makes his feeding schedule a little messed up since he used to be fed every 4 hours. I would like to know how much and how often do you feed your 4 or 5 months old baby. Thanks!


cae - May 28

I was wondering the same thing. My son is also 41/2 months, and I started giving him rice cereal twice a day also. I give him cereal somewhere around 8-10am and after he finishes the cereal then I give him about 4-5 oz of formula, (as much as he will drink afterwards until full) then again in the evening around 5-7pm. He still gets his 32oz of formula/day every 4-5 hours. Hope this helps.


pbj - May 28

I would say be sure you're offering b___stmillk/formula before the cereal. It will stay this way until your ped says differently, usually at 6-7 months. When my LO was that age she would wake at 7 am and I would give her the regular 8 oz of formula, at about 8:30 I would give her 1 tbsp cereal with formula (which really comes out to be about 1 1/2 tbsp by the time you add the formula). She would then have a bottle between 10-11, and every 3 hours thereafter. We would eat dinner together at 6:30, she would again have the same amount of cereal and then 8 oz between 7:30-8:00 just before bed. My little piggy never lowered her intake of formula during that time. I would maybe suggest that if your LO starts to lower his intake around the times he has cereal maybe try to add a few ounces to his other bottles so his total amount doesn't decrease.


Bonnie - May 28

I jst spoke to Mason's GI about this. I was not prepared, lol. Mason was also drinking formula every 3-4 hours. But then he got hungry. Now he gets his solids in between (he is 4 months) the kid is eatng every 1 1/2 hours (unless he takes a long nap). It kills me! :P.Solids at this gae are mroe like a snack. The nutirtional value doesn't do a whole lot for them and a jar of baby food has far less calories. It is generally a snack to susteain them until they get bigger. I can't wait till Mason gets big enough to handle formula plus solids at once so we can go back to 3-4 hour gaps! :D


Bonnie - May 28

P.S. Yes, the ped is right. Most of the nutritional st6uff they get is from formula/bm so don't cut down on that. Just offer the solids as snacks and learning experiences for now.....I would like to know when they beceom more dependent on solids and less on formula....a year?



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