Need Air Travel Information With Baby

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newbaby - February 23

guys, we are flying to florida tonight and i have a few questions. do i need to take my little guy's car seat with me into the plane? how about his stroller? my ears usually pop during landing & taking - should i put cotton in my baby's ear also- any other info is really appreciated.


Steph - February 23

For the landing and take off, try and make sure that he's sucking on either a bottle or a really helps with the popping.


LisaB - February 23

If you bought a seat for your ds absolutely bring your car seat on the plane. Also even if you didn't buy your lo a seat bring the car seat to the gate (they will gate check it there which means you pick it up lane side) if there is room on the plane they will let you bring on the seat and you lo in a car seat on the plane is the safest. I cant stress that enough. Holding your lo on your lap is not safe. Anyway I wont get carried away on that. For take off and landing a bottle, sippy or pacififer should help your los ears clear. Not sure what the purpose of cotton is however I used to see people with it in their ears alot. Plan for delays make sure you have enough formula, diapers, ect. dress in layers incase plane is hot/cold. Also I always pack tylenol in my carry on just incase. I don't know how old your lo is but bring extra snacks and entertainment if appropriate. They can also check your stroller at the gate and you can pick it up planeside which will help you carry your stuff and lo through airport. Have fun!


drea - February 23

I am going to Florida next week as well and have decided not to take the car seat. After a lot of discussion with DH we decided not to. First, we are flying Jet Blue and there are NEVER any open seats on Jet Blue from NY to Florida. Also, we rented a car with a rear facing convertable car seat so we wont need it for that either. Its only a 2 1/2 hour flight, if I was travelling international, then I would bring it for sure. Its your choice though. Have Fun


Laceyandsamsmamma - February 23

I flew lots of times with my kids, my dd was just 2 weeks the first time I flew with her and I held her on the flight. I also traveled alone with my DD at age 3 and my DS who was 1 and I had to buy one seat so I took my car seat for my son because he is was a very active toddler and doesnt still still unless clipped in. As for the ears I was told by a doctor that to make the trip easier to give my dd a small amt of benadryll and then dont give her a bottle till take off unless she will take a paci. then just give her the paci. This way I think their website is Finially as far as carseats and a stroller I had a travel system where the carseat fits in the stroller and yes they will check them at the gate after you board and you will get them back as you walk off the plane. this is helpful if you have connecting flights or carryon luggage that holding your baby will be hard to do while going threw an airport PLUS hereis a big perk strollers get you to the front of the line at securtiy and sometimes boarding too. I hope your flight goes well for you


mindymay - February 24

thanks i am going to oklahoma in may, and was wondering the same stuff



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