Need An Idea Of How Much Your 5 Month Old Eats Daily

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Bree - June 9

Just curious. I think my 5-month old still drinks too much formula, but not sure just how much others his age are eating/drinking daily. Thanks.


nic nac - June 9

my dd is 5.5 months and drinks 28 oz.


Ang - June 9

My son is about 5 1/2 months and he eats about 30oz, 2 - 2 1/2 jars of baby food and 2 cups of cereal.


Bonnie - June 10

Mason is 4 months and drinking 32 ounces. He would happily take mroe but the dic asked me to cut him off and give him more solids. He is almost up to 3 four ounce jars a day. he's a porker! :D


Dalinkwent - June 10

Yeah, my baby eats way more than that. She drinks 34 ounces of milk every day, plus 5 jars of food, and she miraculously gained 4 pounds in the past months. Now she is 23 lbs, 5 ounces. Woo hoo. Big mamma.


JEN - June 10

Well, I got my hand slapped by the doctor yesterday...I was feeding ds up to 40 oz some days, plus 2 solid meals per day. I was always told ( by mother, MIL, etc) that babies will stop eating when they are full- so I kept feeding! Anyway, he said that 24-32oz per day plus 3 solids was ideal...ds is 6 months and 19lbs. Ang- how do you keep your ds from getting constipated with all that cereal? Maybe my ds just has poo problems LOL!


Ang - June 10

Jen, I just make sure that I give him plenty of fruit and veggies that have a higher fibre content. the prunes and apples have help tremendously with his occasional constipation.


AmandaManns - June 10

My son is 5.5 months old and he drinks 24 oz of formula a day and eats 1.5-2 of 4 oz baby food and a small amount of cereal everyday.


Maggie - June 10

I have a question for you guys, my dd is now 4 months and she takes about 24-28oz. of formula a day. I'm going to try cereal with her again (we had a very unsuccessful attempt a few weeks ago), and I would like to know how much cereal to formula to use. The box says 5 tablespoons of formula to 1 tablespoon of cereal, but it comes out so liquidy that she just spits it all out. Any advice?


jilly01 - June 10

i might not be one to ask but, my little girl was eatting the rice at about 2 months and i made a kinda grule for her, you just have to play around with it.....she know has moved on to oatmeal and loves it soooooo much more. i mix her daily prunes in it and can't get enough. i didnt go by the box i just kept trying till she let me now what she liked......hope that helped


JEN - June 10

Maggie- I agree with jilly01- I think that the box recomendation is WAY too runny for most babies ( probably just put that on there to keep from choking). Just gradually add more cereal until dd is happy. I never measure the liquid I add- I usually just get it to the same consistency as the stage 2 foods. Good luck!


YC - June 11

Maggie I followed the box as well and it was soooo runny. Practically formula. I now do 1 tbsp of cereal to 1 1/2-2tbsp of formula. My dd isnt to excited about solids but she seems to take it better at a thicker consistency. So far the only thing she LOVES is prunes. I hesitate to give them to her daily though buy they are the only solid do far that you can tell she really enjoys eating. And boy do they make her go...and go...and go! LOL!



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