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HannahBaby - March 11

My son is driving me mad. He refuses to sleep. He wakes up about 3 hours after being put down then i cant get him back to sleep in his crib, i have to put him in our bed and nurse him back to sleep, and if i try to pick him up and put him in his crib, he wakes up. and then is up every 11/2-2 hours to eat. He is driving me crazy. Im seriously exhausted, more than i ever have been. I dont know what to do. When i put him back in his crib he doesnt cry, he just sits in there and talk and talks and i know that he would eventually fall back asleep but he is in our room and hubby gets mad if i let him talk.....I just dont know what to do. I know that he needs to go into his own room but I am so scared of something happeneing to him......I need Some Advice


Lindsey - March 11

I also was scared about putting George into his own room, we had his cot in our room until he was 5 months, then we realised we disturbed him, just as much as he disturbed us. Luckily for us, he was great when we put him in his own room. The worry that something terrible will happen will never go away, My ds is nearly 9 months old and I can never imagine not worrying about him.


luviduvi - March 11

How long did Hannah sleep with you? Why and what are scared of? Do you think he's getting used to co-sleeping? I have read some of your last posts and sounds like Jacob has been giving you a hard time lately. Is he teething? I know Cole seems to be cranky when it comes to his teeth. Grace pa__sed it w/ flying colors (even though she didn't pop her first tooth until 10 mths). Cole, is also a mamma's boy. It is like he can sense when I am out of the room. Some days I think how sweet and other days I think Uggh! Do you rock your lo's? I know when Cole gets up, I put him right back to sleep. First, I try to not pick him up. I just pat him and put his binky in. If that doesn't work, I rock him back to sleep. It took awhile for him to get used to "the ways" but he adjusted. Now, he's trained to sleep and he knows if he wakes up that I am just going to put him back to sleep. Sorry you are so exhausted and I hope it gets better soon. I hope your dad is doing okay =)


HannahBaby - March 11

I guess im scared of sids.....Something that i cant controll...I dont think that hes teething....but he could be. TOnight i am putting him in his room. I bought him one of those light up crib toys (its the fisher price jungle one) It does music and lights for 12 minutes, I put him down at 9 and he went right to sleep Hannah was out of my bed (and sleeping through the night) at 6 weeks. (but still in my room, she didnt leave my room until she was 9 months.) I dont rock my babies to sleep If he wakes up i nurse him then lay him back down, lately he just lays there and talks to i have to put him in our bed and nurse him to sleep....Im hoping for some sleep tonight!! My dad is, eh, alright i guess. He has to get a bypa__s this week as the main vein in his leg collapsed and is limiting the circulation to his foot.



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