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Lisa - September 20

My son is 4 months old. How will I know when he is teething, I am so confused! Will he be cranky right before a tooth shows up or will he be cranky awhile before he gets it? How will I know to give him tylenol or baby oragel? If they teeth for 18 months are they cranking the whole 18 months? Thanks.


me - September 20

some babies dont cry and complain when they teeth. some do too much! they usually drool alot, and want to chew on everything that gets near their mouths. some get fevers. you will be able to feel the little tooth below the surface of the gums. sometimes you can see it. at 4 months old, your son can start teething at anytime. my daughter started at 3 months. I never used tylenol, only oragel or anbesol, unless she had a fever. she was most happy with a face cloth that I would wet and stick in the freezer, to freeze. or a cold tablespoon. she would chew forever on those. oh, and hon, they can teeth for longer than 18 months. 2 year molars, remember? sounds to me like you already have a hunch that your baby is teething. good luck to you!


d - September 20

My 6 month old judt got hid first tooth. The day before he was a bit cranky, then he woke up at 5am(unusual for him), then later that day I felt a tooth. He was fine after that. His symptoms were red cheeks, biting the nipple, drooling.coughing, biting his toys and some fussiness. I gave him tylonol when I saw fwlt the tooth, and he was fussing. It worked. Also, I read that abosol can numb the toungue, which means baby could relax it enough to choke on it, so I avoided it altogether.


INFO - September 21

Fever IS NOT a symptom of teething. There might be an infection.


d - September 21

My son began putting his hand in his mouth alot at 4 months which the docotr said he is begining to teeth. At six months he is drooling a lot. By the end of the 6th month he now also bites on the nipple, rubber toys, pacifier, thumb or fingers and grunts from frustration or whines. He recently has a runny nose and fever which the doctor told me its because of his teething. I give hime tylenol/tempra regardless of fever and I find it releives him of some of the pain. I bought orajel just incae he cries unbarebely and used it only once so far. I try to avoid it because a nurse told me that its not good for infants because it numbs thier throat making it difficult to swallow and even drink.


karine - September 22

i woudnt know what to tee ya LOL as my daughter..would never show that she was teething it didnt bother her. and she would grow 2 teeth at a time. and with my son, he was a little more fussy and would require to sleep more, but it wasnt very long cause he would grow from 2 to 4 teeth at a time.



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